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Vutek - 4/20/2006

VUTEk Offers First Environmentally Friendly Solvent Ink for High Production SuperWide Printing

MEREDITH, N.H. (April 20, 2006)  VUTEk®, a division of EFI (NASDAQ: EFII), has launched BioVu the next-
generation of environmentally friendly solvent inks made with totally renewable resources. EFI ( 
is the world leader in digital controllers, superwide format printers and inks, and print management solutions 
for commercial and enterprise printing.

End users are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly inks, and governments are passing legislation 
requiring their use. Making the switch is the right thing to do, but compared to traditional solvent inks, 
environmentally friendly inks often fall short in versatility and performance. Customers also have made it clear; 
they want the ability to print superwide graphics directly onto uncoated superwide substrates without 
bothersome fumes or expensive ventilation systems. The new, environmentally friendly BioVu ink addresses 
these demands.

BioVu is the first solvent-based ink made from a renewable resource (namely, corn), and the only one recognized 
by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Created by VUTEk, BioVu is made from food-grade 
ingredients, yet delivers all the benefits of traditional solvent inks without the compromises inherent in eco-
solvent and aqueous inks. 

Like other solvent-based inks, BioVu provides extreme durability, strong bonding to uncoated surfaces, and 
great resistance to UV light and mechanical wear. BioVu inks are designed specifically to run in high-production 
environments and provide high print quality. 

Other business benefits include: lower disposal costs since there are no hazardous materials (hazmat); odor is 
reduced on final printed materials; and it is less bothersome than solvent to employees and the environment. In 
new shops or installations, no ventilation and burner systems are required to meet OSHA regulations because 
there are no harmful VOC emissions. 

The patent-pending, environmentally preferable chemistry inks include VUTEk’s BioVu in Cyan, Magenta, 
Yellow, Black and BioVu Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Yellow and Light Black for superwide format inkjet 
printing operations.

BioVu inks are for use on VUTEk’s UltraVu® II 3360 solvent printer. VUTEk’s plan is to expand BioVu inks to 
its other solvent models later in the year.

BioVu inks are currently entering beta tests in various sites in the United States and Europe. Once beta testing 
is complete, BioVu ink will be available worldwide starting mid 2006.

For more information on BioVu inks, visit or call 1-603-279-4635.

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