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GretagMacbeth - 4/19/2006

GretagMacbeth Announces New Eye-One Display Solutions

Regensdorf, Switzerland; April 2006 GretagMacbeth, the worldwide technological leader in color measurement 
and management solutions, announces an all-new high-end professional version of its award-winning Eye-One 
Display 2 monitor calibration solution.  In today’s digital world, the computer monitor is the first and most 
important visualization of what is in the digital file and accurate color is essential to professional photographers, 
designers and publishers.  Eye-One Display 2 sets a new standard, delivering unparalleled functionality for high-
end professional results.  At the same time, GretagMacbeth is pleased to announce the new Eye-One Display LT 
for budget conscious professionals just getting started with color management.
Both of the new Eye-One Display solutions feature the renowned professional Eye-One Display measurement 
device, which is recognized as the defacto industry standard for its ability to precisely measure all types of 
displays, including LCDs, CRTs and laptops, as well as its high sensitivity in dark areas resulting in a better 
control of shadow detail.  The new functionality in the Eye-One solutions is a result of the new Eye-One Match 
3.6 software that is included with the devices, making it ideal for both new users as well as existing Eye-One 
Display 2 and Eye-One Pro users who want to gain more from their investment.
Eye-One Display 2 provides enhanced Workgroup Match capabilities for anyone who needs to match multiple 
monitors -- either within their own studio or in a collaborative production environment including their customers 
and suppliers -- to ensure consistent on-screen color viewing throughout the production workflow.  Calibration 
parameters can be extracted from an existing GretagMacbeth monitor profile and used as a baseline for all of the 
monitors in a workgroup -- thus ensuring the highest level of consistency from monitor to monitor. Users can also 
define custom gamma, white point and luminance settings for their profiles to meet their exact requirements.
With Eye-One Display 2, users can utilize the Ambient Check and Match functions to take precise measurements 
of the ambient light in their environment to ensure that their standard viewing conditions remain consistent -- ideal 
for professional designers and photographers who want an accurate match between their light box and their 
monitor.  And now -- a key highlight feature - users can incorporate ambient light data into their profiles for a better 
correlation between their monitor and studio or any other viewing conditions, such as a gallery where images 
will be displayed. 
Finally, Eye-One Display 2 provides a number of new tools to help speed the profiling process and help users 
evaluate the quality of their profiles and monitor, including Push-Button Calibration, a fully automatic calibration 
for popular monitors, a before and after image for assessing profile quality, as well as Validation -- monitor trend 
data which helps users track the overall performance of their monitors.  Current Eye-One Display 2 owners can 
benefit from all the new Eye-One Display 2 enhancements by simply downloading the new Eye-One Match 3.6 
The new Eye-One Display LT solution provides the perfect entry point for professionals who are investing in 
monitor calibration for the first time. It enables a basic set of functionality within the new version of Eye-One 
Match 3.6 that provides users with the possibility to calibrate their monitors and adjust the color on-screen with 
a few simple clicks.  Features include push-button monitor calibration, profile creation using predefined gamma 
and white point settings, the ability to check ambient light conditions and a before and after image for assessing 
profile quality.  If a user wants to upgrade their Eye-One Display LT to an Eye-One Display 2, they can do so at 
any time simply by purchasing a license code to enable the full Eye-One Match 3.6 functionality.
Pricing, Availability, Compatibility and Upgrades
The new Eye-One Display 2 will continue to have a list price of $249 or €249.  Eye-One Display LT is list priced 
at $169/€169.  Both products are compatible with Mac OS X (10.3 or higher) and Windows 2000, XP and x64.  
Eye-One Display 2 is available immediately through the GretagMacbeth reseller network worldwide.  Eye-One 
Display LT is available mid-April through select GretagMacbeth resellers in Europe, Asia and Latin America, as 
well as through Pantone and their reseller network worldwide.  Current owners of Eye-One Display 2 and Eye-
One Pro solutions (including Eye-One Design, Eye-One Photo, etc.) can download the new Eye-One Match 
3.6 software for FREE from

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