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Vutek - 3/23/2006

VUTEk PressVu UV 320/400 from EFI Used to Print PGA Golf Championship Graphics

MEREDITH, N.H. (March 23, 2006) - Wisconsin-based, wide format specialist Franzen Litho/Screen Inc. has 
installed a VUTEk® PressVu® UV 320/400 to maximize productivity for its point-of-purchase business. Franzen 
Litho/Screen has achieved this by digitally printing short-run screenprinting jobs in-house, and increasing value 
to customers. This increased value was recently demonstrated in a job producing 800 graphics for the annual 
PGA golf championship. 

Craig Franzen, CEO, Franzen Litho/Screen, comments, "Since installation of our PressVu UV 320/400, we can 
now digitally print jobs in-house that previously would have been outsourced and screenprinted. Our new 
VUTEk PressVu UV has made us much more profitable, offering a far quicker, more personalized service. We 
expect to recoup our investment cost in only 12 months."

Producing graphics ranging from 14 square inches to eight square feet, the PGA organizers benefited from the
PressVu UV’s superior versatility and color matching capabilities to achieve color consistency throughout the 
job. Printed graphics included Sintra-based corporate logos, styrene directional signage, cloth flags and 
coroplast menus. 

Franzen continues, "The PressVu UV 320/400 has met and exceeded all our expectations. It is not only four 
times faster than our other three-meter printer, but its print quality is far superior, enabling us to serve new image 
critical markets."

Held at the Baltusrol Golf Club in New Jersey, United States, the largest graphics produced for the PGA 
Championships included 16 eight-foot banners, mounted outside the clubhouse entrance. Displaying photo 
quality images of world-class golfers, the purpose of the graphics was to brand the venue and create enthusiasm 
for the competition among the event’s spectators. 

Franzen comments, "It was imperative that our print be of a consistently high standard for this job, as worldwide 
media coverage would have highlighted any print quality issues. Maintaining color accuracy across the wide 
range of substrates would have been a challenge for any other printer, but thanks to the versatility and print 
accuracy of our PressVu UV, this was easily achieved."

Franzen says that the roll-to-roll capability of the PressVu UV 320/400 was key to its purchase decision. 
Due to the nature of POP work, the company required a printer that could switch between rigid and flexible 
substrates very quickly this can be done in only two to three minutes using the PressVu UV 320/400, providing 
Franzen with valuable flexibility and productivity benefits.

Speaking about the new printer, Franzen concludes, "We believe that there isn’t another three-meter product 
on the market that matches the PressVu UV 320/400’s speed, print quality, versatility and adhesion to all 
substrates. Its color consistency is incredible, which is vital to POP work where you typically print on five or 
more materials for one job."

Franzen Litho/Screen Inc. was established in 1986 by Craig Franzen and Jim Hapeman. Today, employing 
115 people, it specializes in POP graphics, large format screenprinting and UV litho printing up to 77 inches.

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