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Triangle Digital - 3/6/2006

Triangle Digital INX wins Solvent Ink category

Top Solvent Ink manufacturer is Triangle Digital INX Co. (TDI), recently created by teaming established digital 
ink producer Triangle Digital LLC with INX International Ink Co. and its parent, Sakata Inx Worldwide.

TDI offers an impressive array of solvent and mild solvent ink products, specially designed for virtually every 
digital printer and print-head type. More than that, however, is how well the inks perform.

A broader color gamut and better adhesion to a greater variety of substrates are two advantages often cited by 
customers, according to TDI Sr. VP and Chief Technology Officer Ken Kisner.

“From Coca Cola® red to flesh tones,” Kisner states, “they report cleaner, richer colors that they couldn’t get 
before. This, of course, is what we strive for in designing our inks, from raw material selection all the way to 
finished product. And our proprietary dispersion technology lets us pack up to twice as much pigment into every 
drop vs. many other inks.”

Most TDI inks are available with bulk delivery systems specially designed for different printer makes and models. 
Digital customers can reduce ink costs by 2/3 or more with these systems vs. traditional cartridges. 

Cross-platform know-how and customer services also assist ink performance.
“While we work closely with print houses to assess ink color and performance issues up-front,” Kisner adds, 
“ongoing customer service also plays a key role. Our people are familiar with the nuances of most printers; this 
cross-platform know-how often helps them solve problems on-the-spot, or make adjustments that improve color 
quality, increase productivity and reduce costs.

“With many operations running several types of printers and with more substrates coming into play, we also help 
customers achieve high-quality results with color management tools such as Color Profiles and media models — 
computerized ink-and-substrate matching that automates accurate settings for each job.

“In short,” he sums up, “our goal is two-fold: To make the best inks possible. And do all that we can to help 
customers make the most of them. With additional resources and support as a subsidiary of Sakata Inx, TDI is 
better positioned than ever to do precisely that.”

For more information on TDI and its ink products, call: 800.895.8001
Triangle Digital INX Co. (TDI) specializes in outdoor durable pigment-based superwide and wide format digital 
inks and protective clear coatings, and is the leading global supplier of Inkjet Products.

Digital ink specialists with cross-platform expertise. Triangle Digital INX Co. (TDI) manufactures solvent and mild 
solvent inks for virtually every OEM printer and print-head type. The company also provides cross-platform color 
management assistance, service and parts support.

New uniquely qualified team. Triangle Digital INX Co. (TDI) combines the capabilities of established digital ink 
and printing services provider Triangle Digital LLC with INX International Ink Co. and Sakata Inx Worldwide.

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