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Seal Graphics - 3/3/2006

Seal Graphics Americas, Neschen USA and Neschen-Accutech Form New Company

Bueckeburg, Germany and Elkridge, Maryland, USA: Neschen AG, parent company to Seal Graphics Americas 
Corporation, Neschen USA L.L.C., and Neschen-Accutech Corporation, has announced the reorganization 
and consolidation of its three American companies into a new company, Neschen Americas. 

A wholly owned subsidiary of Neschen AG, Germany, Neschen Americas will serve markets in both North and 
South America. The new company will maintain its headquarters in Elkridge, Maryland, USA. Company facilities 
in Wichita, Kansas, will be closed and moved to Elkridge, while manufacturing operations in Sun Prairie, 
Wisconsin, and at the Elkridge facility will remain. Leading management responsibility for Neschen Americas has 
been assigned to current Seal Graphics Americas company president, W. Ernest Precious, with support from 
an executive management team that includes Neschen’s Joe Trnka, Neschen-Accutech’s Bernd Tischer, and 
Seal’s Ken Ferrigno. Other key personnel from the three consolidated companies will comprise the balance of 
the new management team.

"The formation of Neschen Americas is aimed at streamlining our business and evolving the level of service 
and the quality of our products to our customers," says Stefan Zinn, CEO of Neschen AG. "Consolidating and 
integrating our operations and resources in North America will allow us to respond favorably and quickly to 
changes and new requirements in the markets we serve." Mr. Zinn goes on to explain that the net result of the 
reorganization is aimed at making it easier for customers to do business with Neschen AG’s companies. A 
single point of contact with the new company will put a broader scope of resources and benefits at the customer’s 

Neschen Americas will serve all the markets formerly addressed by the consolidated business units. These 
include: sign and display, digital printing, studio and commercial photography, quick and commercial printing, 
picture framing, and library and archives. According to Angela Mohni, Director of Marketing, Neschen Americas 
will head the new corporate banner, yet the respective product brands will spearhead all business programs and 
product marketing. "Our customers know us at the product brand level and that is what they’ll continue to see 
in the marketplace," Mohni explains. "We will continue to develop and support brand leadership and deliver proven 
quality products to the end user."

Neschen Americas will manage and market two major brand groups SEAL® and NESCHEN®. The SEAL brand 
will include Seal roller laminators, Seal laminating films and adhesives, Seal cutters and trimmers, ProSEAL® 
pouch laminators, Seal printing media and Seal foamboards. The NESCHEN brand group will include products 
such as filmolux® laminates, gudy® adhesives, the Pro range of sign vinyl, Accu-Coat and Accu-Cure 
superwide liquid laminating systems, as well as Vacutex, Solvotex and Tranfertex media, display accessories, 
and more.

"We’re working to make the reorganization as seamless as possible to our customers," says Mr. Precious. "The 
quality products, service and support our customers have come to expect will remain readily available, and all 
will benefit from a broader product scope and a more responsive company as we move through 2006 and beyond."

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