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Roland DGA Corporation - 3/2/2006

Roland Wins DIMA 2006 Digital Printer Shoot-Out

ORLANDO, FL, March 2, 2006 - Roland DGA Corporation won the DIMA 2006 Digital Printer Shoot-Out in the 
inkjet, 50-inches-and-wider category this week at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) 2006 International 
Convention and Trade Show. The victory extends Roland’s long tradition of excellence in inkjet printing that 
includes three previous DIMA Shoot-Out awards and multiple Andre Schellenberg awards.

"Winning the DIMA Shoot-Out is a major testament to Roland’s advanced inkjet technologies," said Brian 
McLeod, Roland Color Products Division managing director. "The Hi-Fi JET Pro II has become the standard 
for producing brilliant output. It’s ideal for everything from signage and photography to fine art and color proofs."

The Hi-Fi JET Pro II 54-inch inkjet printer uses dual sets of Roland’s CMYK+LcLm or OG pigment ink. Its 
advanced Piezo print heads produce micro-precise ink droplets of three different sizes to achieve smooth, 
dot-free tones and true 1440x1440 dpi resolution. The one-inch-wide heads have all 360 nozzles of each 
color precisely aligned in a single array to offer superior dot control and fast production times. Digital servo 
motors and media clamps dramatically improve media movement and print quality.

The ErgoSoft StudioPrint RIP and the FJ-540 together make up the award-winning d'Vinci Fine Art Printing 
System. d'Vinci combines the precision of Roland’s Hi-Fi JET Pro II with the power of ErgoSoft RIP software 
and a uniquely formulated 12-color ink set featuring CMYKOGLcLm and four additional dilutions of black. 
These elements work in concert to deliver stunning photorealistic prints with an exceptionally wide color 
gamut, unmatched levels of detail, and greatly expanded grayscale capabilities and tonal gradations.

For more information on the Hi-Fi JET Pro II FJ-540 and other Roland inkjet printers, contact Roland at 
(800) 542-2307 or visit the company’s Web site at For more information on ErgoSoft, 

DIMA Shoot-Out

The DIMA 2006 Digital Printer Shoot-Out included 95 entries from 30 different companies. Participants entered 
the contest by producing a target print from a file created by GretagMacbeth Global Services. In a 5,000k 
lighting environment, a panel of expert judges selected the winning entries based on the overall quality of the 
digital print and the accuracy of color as compared to the target print. They carefully examined neutral gray 
balance reproduction, saturation, shadow depth and quality, overall tonality, highlights, flesh tones, hue shift 
and text. 

Photo Marketing Association 
For 81 years, PMA® has served as an international trade association for the changing needs of the 
expanding photo imaging industry with more than 20,000 members in 100-plus countries, headquartered in 
Jackson, Mich. In addition to the United States, there are membership offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, 
Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Italy, France, Czech Republic and Russia.

PMA membership is open to any firm doing a substantial portion of its business in photo imaging retailing, 
scrapbook and custom framing retailing, processing (digital and silver halide) or service work. Cooperating 
memberships are held by firms that manufacture or distribute products or services for the imaging industry. PMA 
provides more than 100 services to its members, and holds the world's largest annual photo imaging trade show, 
typically drawing well over 700 exhibitors and 20,000-plus attendees.

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