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Pantone - 2/15/2006

Pantone Releases 125 New Specialty Colors

CARLSTADT, N.J.   Feb. 15, 2006   Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional 
color standards for the design industries, today announced the availability of 125 new specialty colors. The 
new Pantone metallic formula guide features 97 new metallic shades and the Pantone pastel formula 
guide features 28 new pastel colors, making  this the broadest collection of Pantone Specialty Colors 
available today. Designers, printers and their clients now have more choices for subtle and shimmering tones 
to enhance the shelf-appeal of products and influence consumers' perceptions of quality.

The new Pantone metallic and pastel color palettes are available in fan guide format for convenience and 
portability, or as loose-leaf chips books with tear-out color swatches for easy color specification. In addition,
replacement pages are available for both Pantone metallic chips and antone pastel chips, making it 
easy for designers to update their Pantone Color reference books with the latest specialty colors.

"Designers are incorporating more specialty colors into their designs especially metallic colors," said Doris 
Brown, vice president of marketing for Pantone, Inc. "Without them it would be impossible to reproduce the 
true luster and sleek shine of a new sports car or the pale rosy blush of a peach. Creative professionals know 
they can trust Pantone to give them the exact specifications for accurate and flawless color quality. The new 
metallic and pastel guides offer designers hundreds of new color choices."

For more than 40 years, Pantone has provided color formula guides to ensure that color reproduction adheres 
to exact industry standards. Pantone's flagship product, the Pantone formula guide, sets the benchmark for 
color and provides a consistent method for the selection and matching of solid Patnone Colors. In addition 
to solid colors, Pantone provides specialty colors such as those included in the Pantone metallic and 
Pantone pastel guides to accommodate today's product and package design trends.

Pantone metallic formula guide
To reproduce the shimmer of a broad range of metallic colors, the Pantone metallic formula guide now 
contains 301 dazzling colors on coated stock. Each of the chromatically arranged colors is displayed along 
with its  unique Pantone Number and ink mixing formulation for communicating these sophisticated shades 
with confidence. The corresponding chips book  provides tear-out chips for accurate color specification.

Pantone pastel formula guide
The Pantone pastel formula guide gives professionals an easy-to-use reference tool featuring a full range 
of soft and subtle colors not found  in the lighter shades of the antone Matching System. One hundred 
fifty four pastel colors are chromatically arranged and available in a fan guide  format along with their Pantone 
Number and ink formula, or in book format with tear-out chips to ensure accurate color specification. The 
Pantone pastel formula guide and chips book are both printed on coated and uncoated stock to show how 
different papers affect color appearance.

The new color guides are produced on the company's customized KBA printing press, which has been 
precision-engineered for improved color consistency. The press uses state-of-the-art printing technology 
with integrated color measurement controls to reproduce color with even greater consistency and tighter 
tolerances. This new technology greatly improves this critical process.

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