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Sun Chemical, Corp - 2/15/2006

Sun Chemical Introduces StreamlineTM Inkjet Inks for Use On Variety of Wide-Format Digital Presses

ST CHARLES, IL (February 15, 2006) Sun Chemical, the world’s foremost manufacturer of printing inks, 
announced today that it is launching a line of inkjet inks to be sold in the fast-growing North American after-
market for wide-format digital printing. 

Sun Chemical will market these inkjet products under the Streamline brand. These inks, both solvent and 
water-based, can be used for digital proofing, P-O-P signs, murals, banners vehicle graphics and billboards/
outdoor display applications.  Streamline inks can be used with confidence on wide-format digital printing 
devices from most major manufacturers.  For those printers who utilize both screen and digital printing devices 
within the same facility, Sun Chemical can now serve all ink requirements by offering products from Streamline 
and its well-known Coates Screen®  brand.

Sun Chemical has been active in the digital inkjet market for a number of years, providing large quantities of 
raw materials and finished inks to the industry. Streamline was successfully launched as a direct-to-users service 
in Europe during 2005. 

Many printers tend to use inks supplied by their digital press manufacturer, under that manufacturer’s brand. 
The printers are concerned that the process of switching inks could be difficult, time-consuming and risky. 
MaryAnn Johns, market development manager for Sun Chemical North American Inks, said many printers do 
not realize that there are alternatives available. 

"Some printers fear that there could be damage to their machinery caused by the inks from third-party ink 
suppliers or that the colors would not match, creating the need to change color reproduction profiles," she 
said. "But our formulating approach ensures color consistency so it’s unlikely there would be any need to 
re-profile presses. Also, the inks from Sun Chemical are fully compatible with inks supplied by original equipment 
manufacturers (OEMs), so there is no need to flush machines, a process that wastes valuable time and can 
take several hours. It can take as little as 45 minutes for our ink to be loaded and printing."

The Streamline inks are compatible with a wide range of media and have an expected outdoor life of up to 
three years. 

Mark Levin, president, Sun Chemical North American Commercial Group, said sales in after-market inkjet ink 
sales are growing at double-digit annual rates. He added that Sun Chemical is drawing on its global expertise in 
this segment to provide an affordable solution for the thousands of digital presses being used in the North 
American market. While a number of companies are now offering these inks, Sun Chemical’s considerable 
experience in inkjet inks and its extensive support structure make Streamline a valuable alternative source of 
digital inks.

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