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ORAFOL Americas - 2/13/2006

Oracal USA Announces New Reflective Colors

(Jacksonville, FL) - Oracal USA is pleased to announce that two new colors are available in ORALITE® Series 
5700 Engineering Grade Reflective Film and Series 5500 Commercial Grade Reflective Film.

Both of these weather-resistant 5-mil films are now offered in turquoise and violet, for a total of 14 luminous 
shades in each series. ORALITE® Series 5700 and Series 5500 films are thermal-print compatible and feature 
a permanent, solvent-based adhesive and 84-lb. PE-coated paper liner. Series 5700 film offers an outdoor 
durability rating of 7 years, while Series 5500 film offers an outdoor durability rating of 5 years. 

With outstanding resistance to chemicals and corrosion, Series 5700 and Series 5500 films feature excellent 
reflectivity to guarantee a good reflection even in poor visibility and bad weather conditions. Their special impact- 
and scratch-resistant surfaces and high flexibility make them an excellent choice for use on all types of reflecting 
advertising media such as safety markings, conspicuity graphics, and construction, street and general signage. 
Both Series 5700 and Series 5500 reflective films comply with international specifications for reflective materials, 
including ASTM D 4956.

Always splice-free, ORALITE® Series 5700 and Series 5500 films are available in 15-inch punched, 24-inch, 
30-inch punched and 48-inch widths, in 10- and 50-yard lengths.

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