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Xeikon America - 1/31/2006

Xeikon introduces IPDS controller and aims for Transactional market

Punch Graphix plc, through its Xeikon brand, has unveiled details of a trend-breaking full-color digital print 
solution aimed directly at the transactional and direct mail print production markets. The solution will make its
world-wide debut at the Graphics of the Americas / Xplor event in Miami Beach, Florida, USA, which runs from 
February 1 to February 5, 2006. It will also be prominently featured at the company’s IPEX exhibit in England in 
April of this year. 

Xeikon’s exhibit will feature a flexible and multi-functional digital front-end and workflow. The breakthrough 
element is the introduction of the Xeikon X-800 IPDS: a front-end which is now capable of handling typical 
data centre as well as mainstream graphic arts workflows. The brand new native IPDS controller enables the 
digital printer to be fully integrated in today’s transactional printing environment. 

Research indicates that the next level of sophistication in both direct mail and transactional print will be the 
integration of high-quality full-color print with detailed personal data, delivering highly persuasive messages in 
traditional mailing documents such as credit card invoices, financial documents and utility statements.

The company believes that the demand in these segments will expand significantly over the next few years, 
with both direct mail and transactional printers seeking to offer their customers a more personalized and focused 
approach, thereby increasing response rates.

The solution being displayed at GOA / Xplor is a total transactional and direct marketing printing solution, with 
Xeikon’s 5000 full-color digital print engine enhanced with the Xeikon Print Protector, which protects printed 
material from scuffing and scratching in mailing systems. This operates in-line with a brand new post-press 
system developed by Kern to slit, merge, and perforate, providing stacked delivery of letter-size documents. 
The system allows for dynamic perforations in two directions, for the production of tear-off strips (reply cards, 
bank order payments, checks, etc.) on mailings and statements.

Commenting on the market, Danny Mertens, Business Development Manager at Punch Graphix, said, 
"Transactional printing in full color is an emerging market. Cost differences between monochrome and color 
production are narrowing, with the added value offered by color growing in importance in the minds of 
marketers. Producing such print in color removes certain other costs from the equation, such as the cost for 
pre-printing, stocking, and transportation of the pre-printed sheets."

"Xeikon’s solution is the perfect fit for the emerging color digital market in transactional and direct mail print 
production. It can be seamlessly integrated with today’s monochrome workflows, using the same kind of 
roll-fed stock and converting equipment, and, because of the engine’s format, is capable of printing 2-up. 
The Xeikon 5000 delivers graphical color quality which is required to deliver the highest added value in color 
transactional printing applications."

Punch Graphix has made a significant investment in understanding the needs of this complex market and 
developing the IPDS controller, providing a platform for color which monochrome transactional and direct 
marketing print producers require, and are used to working with. Furthermore, Punch Graphix has created a 
segment oriented sales and support force to help customers make the right choice when it comes to 
developing new applications. "All service bureau and data centers have their own, often proprietary, 
workflows. Our 'integrated solutions' force helps in deploying our solutions at the customer site with specific 
attention focused on color management, as knowledge on this topic is often weak within transactional 
producers," added Danny Mertens.

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