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Vutek - 1/4/2006

PressVu UV 200/600 Produces Nike Graphics for Personalized Shoe Campaign

New York-based Astoria Graphics Incorporated has used its newly installed PressVu UV 200/600 to expand its 
operation, creating ‘Advenues Incorporated’, its new wide-format business unit. Using its new VUTEk printer to
 produce work for a ‘Nike ID’ personalized shoe campaign, Advenues is quickly establishing a reputation for
 cutting edge, high quality, large format digital printing.

Mitch Koff, chief executive of operations with brother and co-owner, Ron Koff, Astoria Graphics Inc., commented: 
"Following installation of the VUTEk PressVu UV 200/600 (June 2005), we were very excited about being able 
to showcase the printer’s potential. The Nike job was ideal for this."

Using its PressVu UV 200/600’s high quality capabilities, Advenues printed Art Deco patterns incorporating 
Nike logos and images of Nike footwear styles directly onto 22 3x1-foot x 1.75-inch fiberboards (mdf), used to 
decorate a new retail sales lounge based at NIKETOWN in New York City. 

Nike ID allows customers to experiment with a collection of classic and contemporary Nike footwear models, 
providing the opportunity to personalize each shoe. With the cutting edge design of Nike’s latest range of 
footwear, it was essential that the latest printing technologies be used to reflect the products’ unique offering.

Koff commented: "Having been briefed by Nike’s agency, Fuel Outdoor, our first job was to ensure that we 
could maintain color consistency on the supplied material, and that it wouldn’t be too heavy for the printer. To 
test this, we did color correction work on .5-inch fiberboard." 

"Due to the process of laying ink on top of the substrate before UV-curing, the PressVu UV enabled us to 
produce highly accurate color and print resolution for this job, resulting in a 100 percent pure ink dot translation 
to the material - with no required ICC profiling. As a result, we knew straight away that the graphics would look
fantastic on the boards, and that their weight would not be a problem."

Printed in black and white, the graphics featured close-up details of available shoes. The finished panels were 
then integrated around a horizontal lightbox system used to display the actual products. Installed across the 
back wall of the ID lounge, the VUTEk printed graphics provided an eye-catching focal point for the area.

Mitch Koff continued. "Taking only two days to print all the boards, the PressVu UV 200/600 was a real 
workhorse for this job. The range of printable substrates and the diversity of new applications with the VUTEk 
printer are incredible. Since installation, we have been able to cut our prices and become more competitive, 
enabling us to offer unique, cost effective services nationwide. Producing consistently clean, sharp and crisp 
imagery, we were amazed at how easy it was to print the Nike graphics with the PressVu UV." 

Meeting all customer expectations for print quality and color, the Nike project was considered a huge success 
for Advenues and its new VUTEk capability.

Established in 1916, Astoria Graphics Incorporated is a fourth-generation commercial, digital, financial and 
large format print and design company. Currently employing 90 people at its Manhattan premises, Astoria 
provides a range of services for a blue chip client base including TD Waterhouse, Citigroup, Unilever, Verizon, 
Nike and Pepsi.

In addition to its PressVu UV 200/600, Astoria has also recently installed two state of the art Xerox iGen digital 
production presses, and a five-color direct imaging offset press. According to Astoria, it now has a highly 
competitive production capability that enables it to provide an unparalleled service for variable data and on-
demand digital output of almost any size.

Mitch Koff concluded, "The real key to the PressVu UV 200/600, is how you apply the technology to expand 
your business. For us, the PressVu UV fits in perfectly with our company ethos of trying to ‘work smarter, not 
harder’, enabling us to push the envelope of personalized large format promotion, in many different ways."

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