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Xerox - 1/4/2006

New Xerox Digital Copier-Printer Bridges Office and Light Production Markets

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Jan. 4, 2006 In its first product launch of the new year, Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) 
today announced the Xerox 4590 digital copier-printer, which provides unmatched scanning speed and image 
quality for large networked offices and light production environments such as in-house and quick-print shops.  

The Xerox 4590 leads the market with image quality of 2400 x 2400 dots per inch resolution and scanning 
speeds of up to 100 double-sided pages per minute.  It prints and copies up to 90 pages-per-minute. Workers
can quickly and easily produce large, complex documents including brochures and booklets as well as everyday 
business documents like reports and training materials. The system is engineered to produce from 75,000 to 
175,000 pages per month.

Based on the same design as the Xerox 4110 digital copier-printer, the Xerox 4590 reflects Xerox’s use of 
common technology platforms that can be extended across multiple products.  Installs of Xerox production 
monochrome systems grew 21 percent in the third quarter of 2005, driven largely by the success of the Xerox 
4110 system. In addition, data from IDC, a leading market research firm, indicates that the Xerox 4110 
increased the company's U.S. market share within the 91 page-per-minute and faster monochrome copier 
based-MFP market to 33 percent in the third quarter of 2005, up 11 percentage points from the same period in 

"The productivity features and crisp image quality make the Xerox 4590 a compelling offering for customers," 
said Keith Kmetz, director, Hardcopy Peripherals Solutions and Services programs at IDC. "Similar to the 4110's 
strong position in the light production market, this new system has the potential to increase Xerox’s share in 
the high-volume office segment."

"The Xerox 4590 is built on proven technology that will continue to drive growth for Xerox," said Tim Williams, 
president, Xerox Office Group.  "We are kicking off 2006 with a system that delivers a superior customer 
experience and beats the competition in image quality, speed and finishing."

The Xerox 4590 is designed to help customers spend less time at the system waiting for jobs to be completed 
and more time getting work done. These benefits include:  

·Productivity. While competitive products slow down when scanning double-sided documents, the Xerox 4590 
copier-printer maintains scanning speeds up to 100 ppm for both single and double-sided documents. With this 
new system and the Xerox 4110 digital copier-printer introduced last year, Xerox delivers the fastest scanning 
speeds in the office printing and light production markets. 

The Xerox 4590 has a 250-sheet automatic document handler that holds 150 sheets more than competing devices, 
and it has up to eight paper trays for up to 8,225 sheets of paper. With this superior paper capacity, the system 
can handle large jobs easily with minimal intervention. Users can also ensure jobs are completed quickly and 
without interruptions by replacing toner cartridges while a job is running.

· Professionally finished documents.  This system provides 2400 x 2400 dots per inch resolution and 256 gray 
levels, delivering sharp images, fine lines and text. Xerox’s patented EA toner, which requires less energy to 
manufacture and generates less waste, ensures images remain consistent.                                                                                           

Customers also can create complex technical documents or creative collaterals, such as menus, catalogs or 
user manuals.  The Xerox 4590 supports an unsurpassed range of media, up to 13" x 19.2" and 140 lb./253 
gsm. It includes a post-process interposer which automatically inserts color pages or covers into documents 
and finishing options such as 100-sheet stapling, hole punching, and tri-folding. 

·Easier workflow.  The Xerox 4590 makes it easy to convert hardcopy documents to digital files.  It can scan 
up to 10 jobs while simultaneously printing, preventing long waits in busy print shops and offices. People can 
easily capture, store and share documents by scanning them on the Xerox 4590 and sending them directly to 

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