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INX International - 6/23/2010

INX Digital’s New Silver Metallic Ink Primed for FESPA

INX Digital International Co. introduced several new interesting products when FESPA opened in Munich, 
Germany on June 22.  As the Industrial side of the digital printing market continues to expand from impressive 
growth with business units switching from conventional printing or going into digital printing for the first time, the 
company’s new metallic Silver inkjet ink will likely attract huge interest throughout the show.  INX Digital is 
demonstrating the Silver ink on a Mimaki JV3 printer in the Technology Showcase section of its booth in Hall B1, 
Stand 360.

The cutting edge metallic Silver inkjet ink is a result of the organizational capabilities of INX Digital, INX along 
with the creation of partnerships to help deliver new products to the marketplace quicker.  INX Digital has 
teamed with Eckart to develop a solvent based metallic Silver and plans to expand the silver into the UV curable 
market this year.  Company officials expect it will have a direct impact on the Industrial channel, as well as the 
label and tag market and the folding carton segment of packaging.

“We have been asked for 2-3 years if we had metallic silver ink for specialty applications in some new targeted 
markets,” recalled Willis Reese, Global Director of Business Development for INX Digital.  “We created the 
partnership with Eckart so we could continue our focus on various chemistries requiring CMYK, Light Magenta, 
Light Cyan, Whites and clears.  At the same time, we recognized specialty items like silvers would have life on the 
Industrial side for those who want to print special effects on media that is evolving to digital printing.  Our 
partnership will help us provide solvent and UV metallic silvers to all aspects of the digital market.”

Reese said INX Digital has positioned itself with Industrial printers as a partner and supplier with total solutions 
for the digital market.  The company already possesses the ability to help customers for a specialty built machine 
that does not exist in the market.  Not only can it be designed to meet their specific printing needs, but it comes 
with specialty designed chemistry that will perform with proven print heads and desired media.  Through its 
EVOLVE® Advanced Digital Solutions, INX Digital offers metal decorators advanced digital technology.  The 
MD series of UV flatbed printers and CP100 UV digital Can Printer are uniquely designed to print with specialty 
developed chemistries.

“We have the ability to enable a conventional printer to modify their press units with a partial digital add-on such 
as a print engine or with a full machine design,” Reese said.  “We respect the fact there are other outstanding ink 
suppliers in the market, but any Industrial printer throughout the world now knows they can call INX Digital and 
expect digital printing expertise and support from A through Z.”

Reese expects the new Silver metallic ink to generate plenty of buzz for its European debut at FESPA, based 
on the reaction the new ink received at its North American premier at ISA in late April.

“As a total digital solution company, we are excited about the present and future at INX Digital.  We have worked 
diligently to bring new ideas, new chemistries and overall solutions to the market, and we received a fantastic 
response to Silver at ISA.  We have positioned our customer service, technical and sales service and 
manufacturing departments to help the Industrial market transition into exciting digital outcomes.  I like to say if 
it’s not digital today, it will be eventually.  Any printer should realize that by involving INX Digital, they will have 
the confidence to successfully bring digital printing to their shop sooner rather than later.”

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