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EFI - 6/22/2010

EFI to Feature Industry-Leading Print Products at FESPA

EFI™ today announced that it will be displaying its most advanced UV printers in stand B1/120 at Fespa 2010, 
22-26 June (Munich, Germany). This will include the VUTEk® GS3200 with the new MediaMaster automatic 
media handling system, the GS5000r, the high-productivity QS3250r UV roll-to-roll superwide printer, the versatile 
Rastek™ T1000 and the H650 wide-format UV printers, and the Jetrion® 4830 digital label press. EFI will also 
feature Pace™ print management system, Digital StoreFront web-to-print solutions and Web Control Center for 
remote proofing.

“We have been exhibiting at Fespa for 15 years and EFI continues its commitment of bringing award winning 
end-to-end solutions to its attendees. As technology improves, industry leaders must deliver offerings that can
harness turn-key solutions and provide new revenue opportunities. We look forward to showing our enhanced 
portfolio to our worldwide customers, prospects and partners in Germany this year,” said EFI president, Fred 

EFI shows VUTEk GS5000r printing POP quality at billboard speeds

The VUTEk GS5000r offers exceptional quality and roll-to-roll speed that allow users to tap into premium-margin 
markets that demand point-of-purchase (POP) quality graphics. The printer produces high-impact graphics with 
its eight-colour switchable to Fast 4™ and dual resolution of true 600 or 1000 dpi capabilities for superior quality 
and billboard speed. It also offers flexible inks to increase the application range and to produce consistent images 
on an expanded range of substrates.

Its unmatched, quick-turn capability reduces inventory, increases customer satisfaction by eliminating lengthy lead 
times, and accommodates last-minute changes.

“We have been working with the new GS5000r for a few weeks now and we are amazed by the truly impressive 
print quality we can get from a 5-metre printer,” said Thomas Ellmer, director at Ellmer GmbH in Bad Salzuflen, 
Germany. “The new UV inks are, in comparison to UV inks offered by other vendors, a big step forward toward 
a more pleasant working environment. Our customers also appreciate the fact that prints delivered to them are 
nearly without any odour.”

EFI’s demonstrates proven quality and high productivity of VUTEk GS3200

With dozens of units installed already since its first launch at Fespa 2009, the VUTEk GS3200 flatbed and roll-
to-roll hybrid UV printer from EFI delivers photorealistic quality and superwide speed, and delivers innovative 
applications that expand the reach of superwide into new industries. It extends capabilities by offering a wider 
range of applications for exhibition graphics, fine art, photographic reproduction and Point-of-Purchase displays.

The VUTEk GS3200 comes with 1000 dpi for high-precision quality and 12-picolitre droplet technology for all 
colours, including white. The printer also, offers advanced three-layer white ink capabilities for printing exceptional 
quality on a wider range of materials.

“Not being restricted to white material is a tremendous advantage (of the GS3200),” said Andy Williams, managing 
director of Andesign (Sutton Coldfield, UK). “The good opacity of the white is enhanced by the way it can be 
incorporated into the work-flow, making it a simple addition to the existing colours and enabling greater creativity in 
designs and how they can be implemented in a digitally printed format.”

VUTEk MediaMaster shown for the first time in Europe

Introduced in the United States at ISA International Sign Expo in April 2010, EFI’s VUTEk MediaMaster will make 
its European debut at Fespa. It will be featured with the GS3200. The MediaMaster is a fully-automated material 
handling system that drives the economics of superwide printing even further for greater profitability. Equipped to 
handle full-size 1.5 x 3 metre boards at up to 50 beds per hour and also master as many as 3-up smaller boards 
across the width of the printer, for over 150 boards per hour with precision, enabling the material handling system’s 
hands-free productivity that optimises production time. 

The MediaMaster system also lowers overhead costs by allowing one operator to efficiently run two VUTEk 
printers simultaneously, or focus on maximising the output capabilities of the GS3200 in high-speed modes. The 
easy cart system streamlines the print-to-finishing workflow, allowing the operator to wheel the printed product to 
a cut or shipping station. The material handling system enables customers to fully utilise the maximum speed of 
the GS3200, and will help drive the analogue to digital transition in the screen print market where productivity is 

High-productivity VUTEk QS3250r 

The VUTEk QS3250r is the second-generation roll-to-roll UV-curing superwide printer from EFI to combine High-
Definition Print (HDP) capability and high production speeds in a single UV roll-to-roll device. It is the ideal printer 
for sign shops and commercial printers looking to upgrade to UV output with enhanced productivity, quality and 

Rastek T1000 makes European Debut at Fespa 2010 

EFI’s new Rastek T1000 wide-format printer is shown for the first time in Europe. This new flatbed printer offers 
class-leading print speed, including white running the same speed as CMYK – all with stunning 8-level greyscale, 
up to 1200 dpi print quality. With a stationary vacuum table and retractable media registration pins, it has the 
versatility to handle a wide range of rigid media quickly and easily.

The Rastek H650 wide-format UV hybrid flatbed printer from EFI delivers best-in-class image quality at an 
affordable price. It is the perfect choice for production and print shop environments where quick service, superior 
image quality and smaller footprints are the keys to customer satisfaction and increasing profit. The printer 
expands businesses' portfolios and profits with its four colour and optional white ink support for spot colour and 
under and overprinting. The Rastek H650 can handle materials up to 165 cm wide and 4.5 cm thick.

Jetrion 4830 Demonstrates Next-Generation Label Printing 

The new award-winning Jetrion 4830 UV Inkjet System from EFI offers wider web widths and faster linear speeds 
to increase label printing throughput more than twofold over the company’s market-leading Jetrion 4000. The 
Jetrion 4830 prints 21 cm wide, enabling two-up 10 cm labels. Its wider print zone lets label converters efficiently 
take on more print jobs. With its higher speed print mode of greater than 36.6 metres per minute, the system 
increases productivity significantly. The new Jetrion also has an optional white printing station with the most opaque 
digital white print available.

Web Control Center Shows Remote Proofing 

EFI will also show Web Control Center, a web-based application that connects, monitors and controls proofing 
and printing at all remote sites in a production workflow. Web Control uses JDF communications to interact with 
Fiery RIP solutions (EFI Colorproof XF and Fiery XF v4.0) at any location via EFI proven web hosting capabilities.
Web Control Center uses EFI technology to combine colour measurement, distribution and communications, 
resulting in real-time accurate data combined with two-way colour management communications. The system is 
designed to provide the most efficient and flexible way of managing and controlling remote sites, to streamline 
and automate the production workflow, and to significantly reduce job turnaround time and costs. 

EFI VUTEk Inks Station

EFI's VUTEk UV curable inks provide the highest quality of colour on a variety of flexible and rigid media 
substrates. These inks reduce printer downtime by virtually eliminating print head clogging. EFI’s UV inks contain 
up to 50% monomers and oligomers that are naturally derived from renewable resources, such as plants or 
biomass, significantly lessening their impact on the environment. These inks contain virtually no VOCs and do not 
contain heavy metals, such as antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium. 

As part of the total solutions approach, EFI's VUTEk support team also tailors the ink to ensure precise colour 
quality every time using fully optimised printer settings and colour profiles.

EFI Features End-to-End Integrated Workflow Solutions

EFI will be demonstrating integrated digital workflow solutions from job acquisition and management to preparation 
and production. Included in the workflows will be the award-winning EFI Digital StoreFront web-to-print solution, 
the integrated, browser-based EFI Pace Print MIS solution and the professional-level RIP, Fiery XF with the Cut 
Server option for efficient colour management and finishing.

“According to Pace’s activity-based method every transaction has a cost price. For example, setting up a new 
roll on the machine has a certain cost. There is nothing spectacular about this so far, but what’s different is that 
the software also takes account of the weight of the roll. In fact, you cannot set up a 100 kg roll alone, so there 
is an additional wage cost for a second person. It is quite a complex method, but much more precise. In addition,
Pace naturally has everything, such as JDF support, that a modern MIS system has to fulfil. We are still in the 
start-up phase at present, but just like with our other VUTEk solutions it looks very promising,” explains Christian 
Pelegrie of Pelegrie in Hoboken, Belgium.

“Our VUTEk, Rastek and Jetrion printing systems help customers all over the world transition to UV printing and 
tap into more profitable and niche markets with new applications.  In addition to having the ability to select print 
output resolution and speed capabilities, customers need new ways to automate operations, by using products 
like our new MediaMaster for operational savings.  The Rastek T1000 UV flatbed printer is another example of 
EFI continuing to innovate, as we continue to expand our hardware, ink and software portfolio.   At the show 
our customers will have a great opportunity to see EFI Pace and Digital Storefront, both of which offer unlimited 
options for external connectivity with the customer, and streamline internal operations.  Overall, EFI provides the 
product portfolio for our customers to profitably transition from analogue to digital, said Fred Rosenzweig, EFI 

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