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Caldera - 6/18/2010

Fespa 2010 : A Massive Presence of Caldera Solutions on Many Partners Booths Showing the Largest Spectrum of Applications

Besides the  Caldera official booth (#379), Fespa 2010 will allow visitors to see the largest spectrum of machines 
and applications ever, driven by the widely known and many times awarded caldera solutions. It is unique in the 
recent history of that market that so many manufacturers are relying on Caldera range of products in order to run 
their respective printer range.

-          On booth B1-260, Durst will display a high-end Rho 1000, a new Rho 750 recently released and a brand 
new printer model that will be officially released on fespa 2010, all driven by Caldera GrandRIP+ including the 
new APPE rip engine

-          On booth B2-360, Epson Europe will run an eco-solvant Stylus Pro GS 6000 printer for high quality vinyl & 
textile printing driven by Caldera VisualRIP+, including the new n-color engine for the support of Orange & Green
inks. (il faudrait lui trouver un nom !)

-          On booth 2B-145, Fotoba, the Italian X&Y cutter manufacturer will run a Mutoh Blizzard and a HP 
DesignJet L25500 with VisualRIP+, including the exclusive Nest-O-Ba option that is nesting jobs in an optimized 
way for the fotoba cutter and adding the adequate registration marks on the fly for a fast and efficient job 

-          On booth B1-449, Gerber will show an integrated print-to-cut workflow made of the new Gerber IonZ 
and the M-Class flatbed cutter driven by GrandRIP+ and GrandCut option

-          On booth B2-460, Grapo will show for the first time the Manta White & the Shark printers driven by a 
Caldera GrandRIP+ solution

-          On booth B2-120, HP Scitex will show the new UV flatbed HP Scitex FB500 recently released on Ipex, 
the new HP Scitex LX800, the XP, TJ all driven by Caldera GrandRIP+

-          On booth B1-169, Inktec, the Korean ink & printer manufacturer, will run the UV Floatbed Jetrix 2513RQ 
and a new printer model to be released for Fespa with GrandRIP+ using the exclusive feature for the management 
of extra channels such as White, Varnish & Primer.

-          On booth B1-360, INX International will run some eco-solvant printers using Triangle inks with Caldera 
VisualRIP+. All calibration process will be done through the integrated ICC profile builder EasyMedia, involving 
the brand new i1Prims technology from Xrite.

-          On booth B1-371, Kip Europe will display the unique large format color laser printer Kip Color KC 80, driven 
by Caldera GrandRIP+ for billboard applications, and a brand new printer to be released on Fespa.

-          On booth B3-627, Matan will show the new Barak HS, taking full profit of the Caldera GrandRIP+ strength 
of processing in order to output at the top speed of 353 m²/hour. 

-          On booth B3-320, MTL Print will propose the Meital 304/D, a UV Flatbed printer with a remarkable dual 
table architecture, driven by Caldera GrandRIP+ taking full profit of the unique grayscale management developed 
by Caldera.

-          On booth B2-165, Mutoh will drive every printers available on the booth with Grip+, the exclusive OEM 
Version of Caldera VisualRIP+. Visitors will be able to see regular eco solvent & UV printers made by Mutoh 
such as ValueJet, Zephyr, Blizzard, Spitfire, Viper. Recent textile printers will be driven by the special Grip-TX 
edition, including Viper TX & Viper TX SoftSign.

-          On booth B1-140, Seiko Instruments Infotech will run a total of seven mild-solvant printers with Caldera 
VisualRIP+ on a set of vinyl and banner medias. 

-          On booth B2-175, SwissQprint will show the high end UV flatbed Oryx printer driven by Caldera GrandRIP+

-          On booth B3-467, Teckwin will show the new TeckPro UV 3200, a roll-to-roll UV printer, and a TeckStorm 
TS300 UV flatbed printer, all driver by Caldera GrandRIP+ :

-          On booth B3-184, Sun-Nsk will display for the first time some of its UV Led printers driven by a Caldera 
GrandRIP+ solution

-          On booth B3-120, Zund will display the new ZCC cutter contoler in connection with the integrated 
print-to-cut workflow made of Caldera GrandRIP+ and the GrandCUT option. It is illustrating the natural 
integration of the print –to-cut workflow from Caldera to the leading flatbed cutter manufacturers controllers.

“The Caldera presence through so many different partners proves the highest value proposal of Caldera solutions 
when it is about to drive high level printers on a wide range of application. “ says Valery de MARCH, OEM Director

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