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Gerber Innovations - 6/3/2010

Wanted: European Distributors for the Gerber M Turbo

Gerber Scientific Products, a worldwide leader in sign-making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in 
the Unites States of America, is looking for European partners for the sale of their new high-powered M Turbo™ 
Finishing System.  The M Turbo is a flatbed cutter and router that integrates with the world’s leading printers and 
has a 1 kw router that allows for high speed print-to-cut finishing. 

The market potential for the M Turbo Finishing System is substantial with over 300 machines already installed 
worldwide; and Gerber is looking for partners that can bring their strength, flexibility and customer benefits to the 
table and increase Gerber’s market share in the European finishing market. 

Gerber’s strategic partner, Christian Salhofer President of TMT Digital, a Paris based distributor of numerous 
innovative industrial digital technologies to the graphics, packaging, POS materials and visual communications 
industries has seen firsthand the success the Gerber M Turbo Finishing System can provide.  Salhofer notes, 
“The Gerber M is an extremely well built, mature, reliable and versatile cutting machine that allowed us instantly 
to compete with the best players on the market.  It provided us access to a new customer base asking for a 
higher productivity in their printing and cutting process.”

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