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Cooley Group - 6/2/2010

Cooley Technology Powers Times Square

Cooley Group announces the development of an eco-friendly thin film solar powered billboard system (patent 
pending). In its first application, the Cooley Group has partnered with Ricoh Americas Corporation, Takara 
Media, Lamar Advertising and Xunlight Corporation, to install this flexible, lightweight solar powered billboard 
system. The Ricoh Times Square Billboard is over 6,000 square feet and is constructed from Cooley's 
Enviroflex® printable billboard substrate, which is integrated with thin film photovoltaic panels making this 
billboard the first 100% solar powered billboard in Times Square. 

P. Robert Siener, Jr., Chairman of the Cooley Group said, "We appreciate the support from Takeshi Watarai 
of Takara Media and Ben Martish of Lamar Advertising and appreciate Ricoh Americas commitment to be the 
first user of our new thin film solar billboard system."         

The Cooley system integrates thin film photovoltaic panels with Cooley’s proprietary flexible membrane technology, 
creating a solar powered, electricity-producing system.  Jeff Flath, President of the Cooley Group said, “We 
believe that the opportunities for this system are virtually endless. As the evolution of TFPV (i.e. thin film 
photovoltaic) technology advances, the integration with our flexible composites will make our products more 
affordable to a larger percentage of applications. We have been working on thin film photovoltaic integration 
for the last several years and are now introducing systems for commercial roofing, outdoor advertising, and military 

"Bryan Rose, VP of Cooley's Commercial Graphics business says, "These lightweight systems could be installed 
on some portion of the 450,000 billboards currently in the United States. Each of these billboards would generate 
clean renewable energy to either power the billboard lighting system or would be sold back to local utility 
companies through net metering or feed in tariffs programs." 

Dr. Xunming Deng, President and CEO of Xunlight said, "Xunlight is very excited about Cooley choosing 
Xunlight's flexible, lightweight, environmentally friendly thin film photovoltaic product. We are looking forward to 
working with Cooley on this, and many other projects."

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