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Nazdar - 5/26/2010

Nazdar Launches Lyson 1302 Series Ink For Mimaki JV3

Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks in North America, announces the release 
of Lyson 1302 series digital solvent ink for Mimaki JV3 printers. This new ink series has low-odor properties and 
complements the existing Lyson 1300 series for JV3 printers. 

Lyson 1302 series ink was formulated to mimic the properties and color gamut of Mimaki’s current SS2 ink set. 
The new ink is available in 440 ml cartridges and 1-liter bulk containers. 

The Lyson 1302 series is fully compatible with Lyson 1300 series ink. The two product lines can be intermixed to 
facilitate transition from one ink set to the other. Lyson inks are available worldwide through Nazdar’s authorized 
distributor channels. 

Richard Bowles, Nazdar Vice President and General Manager, commented, "Our Lyson 1300 series ink is one 
of our most popular products. However, we identified a need for a lower-odor version because more and more 
printers are located in corporate and retail environments." Bowles added, "The new Lyson 1302 series is an 
excellent choice for such locations." 

Nazdar Lyson inks are an economical alternative to OEM solvent and UV-curable inks. Nazdar provides an 
equipment and application warranty that covers both hardware and output. Users of Nazdar Lyson inks can 
save up to 30% on ink costs when compared to OEM ink usage.

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