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Inkjet Performance, LLC - 5/13/2010

New Company Breaths Life into Aging Printers

A new inkjet printer service company, Inkjet Performance, LLC, has been created to help digital printers reduce 
costs by extending the useful life of their wide-format and grand-format equipment. The company’s primary 
services include a proprietary print head recovery process as well as component-level circuit board repair. 

“During the past several years, I’ve seen steadily growing interest among sign shops and digital printers in extending 
the useful service life of their inkjet printers and print heads,” says Inkjet Performance’s CEO, Ed Jemmings. “For 
some smaller shops, or those with printers no longer qualifying for OEM extended warranty service, it’s often the 
only practical option they have to keep their business afloat in the current economy. And even larger well-capitalized 
firms want to save money whenever they can.”

The Timing Was Right

Although Inkjet Performance was founded earlier this year, its founder has more than 38 years of electronics 
and technical service experience, including eight years as owner of a sister company (Jemmings Business 
Systems) that provides OEM repair and refurbishment services for a major wide-format printer manufacturer. 
Earlier in his career, Jemmings also created and managed service networks for Honeywell throughout the U.S 
and overseas. 

Jemmings says that the decision to establish Inkjet Performance came about in response to the current economic 
climate, which has increased the demand for skilled repair and refurbishment services across industry lines.

“The only option available to many digital printing firms is to replace a broken or malfunctioning printer part,” 
Jemmings said. “Since my service team has the technical expertise to tackle the “heavy lifting” repair work, we 
decided to create a company that focuses on parts repair and recovery, not just replacement.”

According to Jemmings, Inkjet Performance is differentiated by its ability to perform component-level repair for 
printer motherboards and other printed circuit boards. Its other key selling point is a proprietary method of 
recovering clogged inkjet print heads…one that doesn’t utilize traditional ultrasonic cleaning methods.

In perfecting his own head recovery process, Jemmings found that while ultrasonic cleaners can often clean 
clogged inkjet nozzles, their high-speed vibrations often lead to reduced print head performance—especially at 
higher resolutions—or even premature head failure. 

“It took us several years to develop an effective head recovery process that doesn’t rely on ultrasonic technology,” 
Jemmings said. “but it was clearly worth the wait.” 

He says that the company’s current exclusive process is highly successful in recovering most clogged wide-format 
print heads regardless of ink type, providing that the heads aren’t physically or electrically damaged.

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