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INX International - 4/12/2010

New Triangle-Brand HPS Inks Introduced for HP 9000/10000 Series Printers

INX Digital International Co. today announced the introduction of Triangle™ brand HPS solvent inks for HP 9000 
and 10000 series printers.  Currently available in the Americas, these inks provide an easy, waste-free conversion 
while offering media compatibility and super chemical resistance.

“Our advanced-formula inks are not only color compatible with OEM options, they provide higher resolution 
due to more accurate drop placement,” said INX Digital Americas President Ken Kisner.  “The latter advantage 
stems from new pigment dispersion methods which enable us to achieve unprecedented levels of uniformity 
and consistency in sub micron-particle technology.”

“These inks also are nickel-free, unlike OEM formulations,” said Karla Witte, VP – Product Development for 
INX Digital.  “HP 9000 and 10000 users can count on bright, true, clean colors with our new and improved 
HPS inks.  No re-profiling is needed to run HPS, whether you are converting from previous Triangle SCP ink 
or OEM.  In the process, OEM users can typically realize cost savings of 20 percent or more.”

Newly formulated HPS inks are also chemically compatible with OEM and prior Triangle SCP inks, Witte said.  
“Anyone can add new colors one-by-one, running OEM and HPS simultaneously.  They don’t need to flush lines 
or toss out partially full cartridges.  These new HPS formulations provide excellent adhesion to a much wider 
range of media.  Their resistance to alcohol and common cleaning agents is unsurpassed.”

“Continuous improvement is standard procedure with us and these new HPS inks are an excellent example,” 
added Kisner.  “We have optimized the formula for more accurate drop formation and dot placement while 
optimizing dot gain.  These inks also give HP 9000 and 10000 users both color and chemically compatible ink 
options at a considerable cost savings.”

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