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INX International - 4/5/2010

Fiber-Frame Debuts at ISA Expo in INX Digital Booth

Free standing banner device solves chronic problems

It’s not easy for retailers to attract customers nowadays, even when signs promote special offers, weekly 
bargains, new-product introductions and seasonal, high-profile events.  It’s even harder when their outdoor 
promotional banners are sagging, display devices look weather-beaten, or ropes, bungee cords or cables 
disrupt the view.
The new Fiber-Frame™ free-standing banner frames put an end to such problems.  Visitors to the ISA 
International Sign Expo 2010, April 8-10 at the Orange County (FL) Convention Center in Orlando, can get a 
firsthand look at this patent-pending device in the INX Digital booth (#2772).  Developed by Fiber-Frame 
LLC of Baton Rouge, LA, Fiber-Frame display devices let retailers put their best foot forward — clearly, cleanly 
and with less expense than far-less attractive or effective alternatives.

“Fiber-Frame enables sign shops to offer print-advertising customers real added value on-site: a way to display 
their messages with maximum impact,” said Greg Gauthier, owner of Fiber-Frame, LLC.  “People spend good 
money having their banners printed, and sign shops work hard to deliver high-quality pieces.  But no one is 
satisfied, and advertisers don’t get full value for their dollars when banners are put in substandard devices 
that don’t display them properly.”

Installs in minutes, outperforms and outlasts improvised alternatives

Gauthier said the simplest banner-display devices — poles and ropes, bungee cords or cables — are the most 
vulnerable to weather and other issues.  “Wind can easily distort the ad message.  When the wind subsides, 
the banner droops and sags and makes things worse.  Constructing wood or steel frames typically requires 
purchasing materials, digging holes, pouring concrete, assembling the frame itself, painting and related 
preparation.  Ultimately, paint fades and peels, wood weathers and the metal rusts. These alternatives wind 
up being costly and labor-intensive to construct or assemble, as well as maintain.”

A Fiber-Frame device can be installed in about 15 minutes and taken down in five, Gauthier says.  The frame 
is made from industrial-grade structural fiberglass, with steel structural brackets.  With decades of experience 
in the outdoor advertising industry, Gauthier said he chose a fiberglass size that’s very strong for this type of 

“It has an extremely high tensile strength and, pound for pound, is stronger than steel.  It’s impervious to 
weather and the molded-in color won’t crack, chip or peel.  ISA attendees will also quickly see for 
themselves how the clean, simple Fiber-Frame design doesn’t compete with the advertising.  Not only do 
advertisements stay smoothly in place, they can be readily replaced as needed.”

A unique solution in three size options, attractively priced
“This is a unique answer to an ongoing problem,” said Ken Kisner, President of INX Digital Americas.  
“We like to see solutions like this come to market, because it helps the industry by putting a better product 
out there.  We are pleased to help Greg introduce Fiber-Frame at ISA, and to offer it through the INX Digital 
distribution network and our Triangle brand ink dealers.”

Available in three sizes — 3-ft. x 5-ft., 4 ft. x 8 ft. and 4 ft. x 10-ft. — Fiber-Frame devices are also light weight 
and easy to ship.  According to Gauthier, a single 4-ft. x 8-ft. frame would retail for about $155, a real 
bargain compared to the investment in materials and time typically required to erect less effective wood, 
steel frame and similar alternatives.

“Discounts will be offered based on annual volume commitments and pallet size orders,” Gauthier said.  
“Frames are shipped in kits that include everything needed for assembly.  They also carry a one-year 
Warranty against manufacturing defects.”

“Bringing new, innovative solutions to the end user is always a priority for us,” sums up Kisner.  “Fiber-Frame 
is that kind of a product.  Like no other previous banner display device, it holds an advertisement tight and 
displays it proudly.  That’s the most any user can hope for.”

For additional product details and projected delivery timetables, contact INX Digital Triangle brand ink dealers 
or at ISA International Sign Expo 2010, visit INX Digital booth #2772.

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