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Mutoh - 4/5/2010

Mutoh Introduces the SPECTROVUE VM-10: New Technology for On-Printer Color Calibration

Mutoh America, wide format printer manufacturer, streamlines the entire color management workflow with its 
new SPECTROVUE VM-10, a miniature integrated spectrophotometer that connects to the print head of the 
new ValueJet 1608HS Hybrid Printer to help automate the process of color calibration.

The Mutoh SPECTROVUE VM-10 is a compact spectrophotometer developed for on-printer color calibration. 
The patent-pending design incorporates Mutoh’s own DP1 spectral imaging chip, a high-resolution “digital 
prism” that converts visible light to a digital spectrum. The SPECTROVUE reports both spectral and 
colorimetric values for any one of 18 pre-programmed standard illuminants or any standard daylight illuminant. 
It helps to ensure greater productivity by automating the tedious task of printing and measuring color targets. 

 “The SPECTROVUE VM-10 enhances productivity, reduces time and wasted media, and encourages better 
in-shop color management practices providing our end-users superior and reliable color reproduction,” said 
Brian Phipps, Mutoh’s Director of Sales.  

Combined with compatible RIP software, regular use of the SPECTROVUE VM-10 helps to ensure optimum 
color reproduction and reproducibility; it enhances image quality by utilizing the full color gamut of the printer; 
and, achieves a higher level of color consistency for multi-run print jobs and jobs printed on different substrates. 
Calibration quick color checks can be performed with minimal impact on production schedules. And, with the 
SPECTROVUE, color patch layouts are optimized to fit the full width of the media, minimizing waste and 
improving overall productivity.

Developed by Mutoh's Phoenix-based Advanced Engineering Group, the SPECTROVUE VM-10 works well 
on both rigid and flexible materials, and glossy and matte surfaces. Supported by Onyx Graphics' 
ProductionHouse™ and RIPCenter™, Mutoh Edition software, for the Mutoh VJ-1608HS Hybrid Printer. Fast, 
accurate, repeatable, reliable and automatic. Save time, save media, save money with Mutoh’s
SPECTROVUE VM-10 on-printer spectrophotometer. Available mid June, 2010.

Certain device features are software-specific, and require support of third-party RIP software to be fully 
functional. For a list of authorized third-party vendors of RIP software for ValueJet with SPECTROVUE 
VM-10 support, contact your local Mutoh Authorized Reseller.

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