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LexJet - 4/7/2010

LexJet WallPro SUV Enables More Detailed Designs in Custom Wallcoverings

Because LexJet’s new bright white WallPro SUV wallcoverings are optimized for inkjet printing, designers 
can confidently reproduce a wider choice of images, designs, and corporate colors.

LexJet’s new WallPro™ SUV commercial-grade wallcovering materials were specifically designed to deliver 
optimal imaging quality when printed with the low solvent, solvent, or UV-curable inks used with many 
popular models of large-format inkjet printers.  As a result, designers can convert almost any type of 
photograph, painting, graphic design, or montage into site-specific, decorative murals. 

The custom murals can be displayed in corporate offices and lobbies, museums, restaurants, hotels, resorts, 
healthcare facilities, retail stores, universities, sport and entertainment venues, and homes.  LexJet WallPro 
SUV can also be used to create indoor or outdoor art for temporary or seasonal displays. 

“Whether you chose to print historical photos, scenic landscapes, corporate brand images, art reproductions 
or other types of designs on LexJet WallPro, the material can handle the job,” says LexJet product manager 
Jeff Leto. The bright white, matte surface of these materials help produce the wide color gamut needed to 
show more highlight and shadow details in an image, support smooth tonal gradations, and reproduce 
corporate colors. 

The relatively subtle textures in these wallcoverings were selected to enhance the overall aesthetics of a 
decorated room without degrading key details in the printed artwork or images. Four textures are currently 

WallPro SUV Velvet is the most versatile, because it features a smooth, softly textured surface for reproducing 
high-resolution images. It is recommended for use in corporate environments, healthcare facilities, entertainment 
venues, and retail.

WallPro SUV Canvas looks like a finely woven art canvas. It is ideal for reproducing artwork and photographs 
and is a great choice for museums, restaurants, and hotels. It can even be used to create short-term 
economical gallery wraps for indoor or outdoor décor art.

WallPro SUV Fresco has a subtle, plaster-like texture that is perfect for certain types of restaurant décor or 
printing historical images in museums or themed retail environments. Images printed on this wallpaper can 
appear as if they have been painted directly on the wall. 

WallPro SUV Pebble is a good option for décor clients who want to see a stronger, more visible texture behind 
an image with softer details. 

All of LexJet’s WallPro SUV wallcoverings meet Class A fire-rating standards and EPA requirements for 
low-VOC-emitting products. 

Brandboxx Display Graphics, a division of Park Printing House Ltd., has been producing environmental 
graphics for the past seven years for facilities ranging from retail stores and sports facilities to brew pubs 
and visitor centers. Brandboxx chose LexJet’s new Velvet WallPro™ SUV to print the backdrop for a 
creative, multi-dimensional mural that the company uses to showcase the wide range of production 
capabilities at the company’s facilities in Verona, WI.  

“Visuals are one of our best tools for selling large-format graphics,” explains Brandboxx product manager Mike 
Stolen, noting that most customers who see the mural go up to the wall and feel it. Stolen said he was 
pleased with the look and performance of LexJet’s WallPro material: “We found the product was a bit 
thinner, but did run better with our printers. Our install team thought it went it up great!”  

WallPro SUV materials can be printed on any large-format inkjet printer that uses low solvent, solvent, or 
UV-curable inks. LexJet Sunset Coatings can be applied to add protection to wallcoverings that will be 
installed in busy restaurants, kids’ rooms, or other high-traffic areas. But in most cases, a coating isn’t required.

Because WallPro materials are designed for long-term use, professional installation by an experienced 
paperhanger is recommended.

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