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Roland DGA Corporation - 3/25/2010

Roland Launches Cartridge Recycling Program

Roland DGA Corp. has introduced a cartridge recycling program for the company’s inkjet customers.

The new program is Roland’s most comprehensive U.S. environmental initiative to date and allows for recycling 
of cartridges for all Roland wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters across the U.S. including eco-solvent, 
solvent, sublimation, UV and aqueous models.

“We are excited to offer our inkjet customers the opportunity to decrease their shop’s environmental footprint 
and reduce waste,” said Rick Scrimger, vice president and general manager for Roland DGA Corp.  “The 
facility we have selected is state of the art and recycles over 99 percent of waste to save landfills.  We 
encourage our customers to help protect our planet by participating in this easy, cost effective new program.”

To take part in the program, Roland inkjet customers simply need to ship used cartridges directly to Roland’s 
headquarters in Irvine, California.  Complete instructions including packaging guidelines and shipping labels 
can be downloaded from the Roland Web site at  A similar cartridge recycling 
program for Roland Canadian customers will be announced later this year.

Roland U.S. Environmental Initiatives

The new cartridge recycling program joins a host of initiatives worldwide designed to decrease the 
environmental impact of Roland’s operations.  In the U.S., the Roland organization has an extensive recycling 
program for paper, cardboard, pallets, plastics and other recyclables.  The company has also installed low-
wattage lights throughout its facilities that feature sensors and automatic timers to conserve energy.  Roland 
operates building heating and cooling systems through an automated public utility-managed system that regulates 
the amount of energy these systems use in accordance with government guidelines.  The company’s U.S. 
accounting and other departments are paperless.  These and many other initiatives reflect the company’s strong 
commitment to the environment and to sustainable operations.
Roland’s Global Environmental Standards 

Globally, the Roland organization has been proactive for over a decade in establishing environmentally sound 
business practices that have both reduced the environmental impact of its products and led to the adoption of 
cleaner, more energy efficient manufacturing practices. 

The company’s unique “Digital Yatai” manufacturing model is a revolutionary cell-based system that is entirely 
paperless and driven in part by solar panels assembled by employees to save energy.  At the design level, 
Roland has procedures in place that introduce life cycle assessment (LCA) and promote the development of 
environmentally-conscious products.  

As a result of these and other policies, every Roland product today is designed and manufactured through 
sustainable processes that meet ISO 14021 standards.  Many of the company’s products are Energy Star 
compliant.  Additionally, Roland products introduced after September 1, 2007 feature the company’s ECO-
labels which meet ISO 14021 standards for Type II labeling by clearly communicating the environmental 
attributes of every product to consumers.

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