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Sawgrass Technologies Inc. - 3/26/2010

Sawgrass Technologies Introduces MXF Ink for Nylon Flags and Banners

Sawgrass Technologies Industrial Division, the world leader in the development of innovative solutions for wide 
format digital printing, announced today the release of MxF, a revolutionary digital ink solution for printing on nylon.  
An environmentally friendly, water-based ink, MxF ink offers outdoor superior UV performance, brilliant color, 
and great productivity to the flag and banner industry.   

For digital printers of nylon flags who utilize acid dye digital printing process, MxF ink provides a faster production 
process and lower production costs. Unlike acid dyes, MxF ink requires no post-print steaming or washing while 
providing superior color and outdoor image durability.  With the lower production requirements, MxF also offers 
lower maintenance costs, less energy consumption, faster turn around and little or no clean up.

For Flag Printers & Print Service Providers who currently offer polyester flags printed with dye sublimation or wish 
to add nylon flags and banners capability, MxF increases revenue by expanding capabilities and new market 
opportunities.  Unlike dye sublimation inks, MxF Direct provides superior outdoor UV performance on industry 
preferable nylon flag substrates without steaming & washing equipment.  MxF reduces equipment investment, 
maintenance, and space requirements for anyone looking to add nylon flag and banner printing to their portfolio. 

“MxF opens a whole new world of opportunity for the flag and banner industry,” said Peter Valinski, Sales Director 
for the Sawgrass industrial Division. “It delivers to our customers the brilliant color that they have come to expect 
from Sawgrass with the UV performance and faster production that impact their bottom line.”

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