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Esko - 3/23/2010

Busy and Eventful EskoWorld 2010 User Program Taking Shape

The EskoWorld 2010 ( worldwide conference is taking shape and promises to be 
the most complete user conference for the EskoArtwork user base. The conference, organized together with 
EUGI, the EskoArtwork User Group International, is scheduled for April 18-21, 2010 at the Marriott Tampa 
Waterside Hotel and Marina. The upcoming event is slated to offer more valuable content to more users, in 
more markets, with more partners and for more applications--with more than 75 different working sessions.

More guest speakers
"We used EskoWorld to help benchmark what our industry is doing and what EskoArtwork software could 
accomplish for us," explains Tim Lewandowski, Triumph Packaging.

EskoWorld is not only a forum for EskoArtwork product discussion, but for industry perspective. For example, 
a great number of guest speakers are slated to make presentations or sit on panels during EskoWorld 2010, 
* Ian Pike of SunChemical will be part of a discussion about brand color management in the supply chain.
* An expert from Bobst USA will explain how structural design can be optimized in ArtiosCAD and increase 
efficiency of the folder/gluer.
* Ed McLeod of Procter & Gamble will discuss the business case of managing content separate from design 
and layout of a package.
* Adobe will be hosting a hands-on session on Creative Suite®. James Lockman, Adobe Certified Expert 
provides tips and tricks for Adobe® Illustrator® and Photoshop®.
* Christopher Wemett (BP) and Jeff Czarny (Sara Lee) will explain their experiences with brand management 
and packaging.
* Ben Sligar of Moduslink will discuss their unique holistic 4d approach toward "optimized design in a 
sustainable workflow" while Matthew Simmons of TTi -Torque Creative, will walk through his company's 
process highlighting the key areas of environmental impact and the tools they find most valuable.

Making EskoArtwork tools more effective
"The demos and labs are great to fine-tune skills. If you have a specific problem you can ask a professional at 
the lab to work with you towards a solution. You can't underestimate the value of sharing insights and tips with 
peers. The group participation format offers different perspectives from colleagues, allows me to contribute from 
my experience, and also provides guidance for struggles I may encounter in the future. It's why I always like to 
take good notes during EskoWorld," says Kathy Brazzale, Creative Design Manager, United Engravers Inc.

EskoWorld offers solution tracks, covering a wide range of topics, including digital flexo; commercial printing 
prepress; packaging prepress; structural design and short run production; 3D design applications; brand 
management software; and packaging digital print.

These topics are covered in presentations as well as other session formats. For example, visitors at EskoWorld 
have the unique opportunity to influence development priorities through dialogues with product managers. In 
Roadmap sessions, visitors are asked for their input by submitting product feature request forms, which are 
then prioritized by voting at the end of each session. Meanwhile, structured operator training sessions increase 
the practical knowledge level of certain applications at operator level. Hands-on sessions inform attendees 
about a certain product through a hands-on experience in a lab.

Particularly featured this year are:
* ArtiosCAD Tips and Tricks: ArtiosCAD is one of the most popular EskoArtwork applications and this session is 
always very popular. This year, attendees submit one of the top five tips and tricks will win a prize. It's a "must 
be there" session.
* Printing to the GRACoL7 industry standard: Attendees will learn about best practices and new technologies in 
print standardization, to increase in-house color competencies.
* The power and ease of use of Automation Engine 10: Session attendees will learn how to set up intelligent 
and automated workflows using the visually appealing and highly interactive workflow editor for workflow tickets.

Partner Zone puts more tools to work
"We really enjoyed the Partner Zone, and were amazed at how fast the Kongsberg XP was. We were also 
able to learn how ArtiosCAD and SAP could work together, with help from one of the partners," says Michael 
Pickard, Staff Packaging Engineer, SpinMaster.

EskoWorld's Partner Zone is sponsored by a broad number of supporting packaging technologies, including 
those from DuPont, AICOMP Consulting, Bobst, Flint Group, HP, Dr. Lauterbach and Partner, Prism, Pantone, 
Dassault Systèmes, SunChemical and Strata. In the Partner Zone, visitors can see product exhibits and talk 
with EskoArtwork partners to determine how their solutions can work together.

"This year's EskoWorld program provides a wealth of information for the packaging supply chain that is 
arguably the most complete that you'll find at any user conference," confirms Simon James, EskoArtwork VP 
Marketing. "I can't imagine any attendee walking away from EskoWorld without a number of specific, working 
ideas that will make their packaging processes more efficient."

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