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Esko - 3/16/2010

i-cut highlights Vision Pro 7.0, at ISA 2010

i-cut, Inc., an EskoArtwork OEM business unit, announces that i-cut Vision Pro 7.0 is currently shipping, in time 
for visitors during the ISA International Sign Expo 2010, April 8-10 at booth 1528 in Orlando, FL.

Vision control is necessary with digital finishing systems because all printed materials contain size, rotation and 
scaling distortions that produce inaccurate digital die cutting, if not corrected. "i-cut is the only system that offers 
the power of proven full non-linear distortion correction, a simple, intuitive user interface, and full prepress and 
RIP integration so that jobs are quickly prepared and sent to the cutting device without error or miscalculation. 
And, in particular, i-cut Vision Pro's patented means of distortion compensation enables digital cutting systems 
to produce error free results. Print runs from just one sheet to thousands are contour-cut reliably, precisely and 
economically," explains Steve Bennett, EskoArtwork Vice President, Sign and Display Business. "i-cut Vision 
Pro is used by 36 of the industry's leading RIP, printer and cutter and router manufacturers--many who will be 
exhibiting during ISA."

i-cut Vision Pro 7.0: more production tools and easier to use
Using Vision Pro 7.0, print material specifications are taken from the work stream - including cutting keys that 
supply operators with optimized tool settings and blade/bit recommendations - and are processed with preset 
cutting parameters. This makes the finishing set-up even easier and simplifies the tasks necessary for starting 
each unique job. Subsequently, set-up times are minimal - and in many cases, virtually eliminated.

In i-cut Vision Pro 7.0, by eliminating a pen lift with multi-pass routing, jobs are completed faster. A new 
registration algorithm--including the ability to read all registration marks before cutting--delivers improved quality 
with placement registration. A new tool offset algorithm handles close curves as one unit, while improvements 
have also led to smoother cuts. A new, advanced help system is available from all dialogs, with multimedia 
teaching videos, schematics, and animations.

The complete i-cut product family on display
During ISA 2010, i-cut, inc. will demonstrate its complete product line, underscoring i-cut's continued commitment 
to technology and product development that benefits sign and digital finishers and its OEM partners. It addition 
to i-cut Vision Pro 7.0, this includes:

i-cut Pro Camera, a high quality CCD camera, lighting, optics and integrated housing with adjustable f-stop, 
zoom and focus settings.

i-cut Compact Camera, a high quality CCD camera, for industrial laser applications.

i-cut Micro Camera, a super-light CCD camera for table top laser applications.

i-script, providing the protocol interfaces between printing and cutting equipment to share design, scale, rotation, 
layout, registration marks and materials information--passed directly from the prepress RIP station to i-cut.

i-cut Vision Pro 7.0 and all I-cut systems and upgrades are available during ISA at I-cut booth 1528, and at

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