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Que Media, Inc. - 3/16/2010

Que Media Introduces Five New Products

Que Media introduces five new products, three great solvent banner products and two aqueous “green” 
alternatives.  As with all Que Media products, we have the most competitive pricing you’ve come to expect.

QM-SBOB: Rapid Dry Solvent Block-Out Film (11mil)
This unique product combines two layers of Polypropylene with a Polyester block-out center fused in the middle 
for 100% opacity and increased durability so the film will not split, buckle or warp. The block-out layer also 
eliminates image wash out caused by unfavorable lighting conditions. The top layer is coated with a low gloss 
sheen that gives the image a non-glare effectiveness that can be viewed from all angles.  This coating is 
specifically for compatibility with eco/solvent, mid and true solvent inkjet inks.   Unlike similar block-out products 
our media has a white back which gives your final output an elegant look.   Applications include roll-up displays, 
photo-reproductions and high-end POS signage.

QM-POP: Rapid Dry Solvent POP Film (14mil)
POP Film is combination of Polyester and Polypropylene for a strong rigidness of 14 mil. This product has the 
durability to withstand repeated pop-in applications for your display units without tearing, chipping or edge fraying. 
The bright white, rapid dry, satin finish gives outstanding ‘color pop” with a silver/gray back for 100% lightblock 
as well as eliminating image washout caused by light diffusion. Specifically coated to be  compatible with eco/
solvent, mid and true solvent inkjet inks and is water resistant. Ideal for trade show booths and high end POS 

QM-SBLFM: Matte Backlit Film (8 mil)
Specially formulated coating accepts a high ink capacity. This solvent compatible, polyester film has “true-color” 
image reproduction comparable to images you would see printed with an aqueous printer. Designed for high-
quality graphic applications for backlit boxes with high contrast with a matte finish and 8 mil rigidness for 
durability.  This is suitable for eco/solvent, mid and true solvent inks. Applications include outdoor signage, 
indoor backlit and outdoor light boxes.

QM-WRRPE: PE Recyclable Banner (9 mil)
This  Polyethylene banner material can go right into the recycle bin. It has good drape characteristics and 
excellent light blocking opacity.  Best for short term, indoor and outdoor promotional banners when light weight, 
flexibility and durability are required.  For use with water-based thermal and piezo printers using dye and pigment 

QM-WRTVK: Tyvek® Recyclable Banner (8 mil)
Tough weather conditions don’t scare us. Use Que Media Tyvek® for all outdoor as well as indoor promotional 
banners. Spun Polyolefin, this product resists water and is tear resistant. Don’t let the weightfool you, heavyweight 
toughness is a lightweight material. It has a textured, matte surface with good light blocking opacity. Applications 
include, trade show media, renewable products, POS, P.O.P. display and banners. For use with water-based 
thermal and piezo printers using dye and pigment inks.

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