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Zund - 3/15/2010

Digital Cutting Made Easier than Ever with New Zund Cut Center

Following the successful launch of Zünd G3 cutting systems, Zünd is poised to introduce Zund Cut Center, the 
first-ever software package to carry the Zund name. The new software is tailored specifically for G3 and 
designed to maximize the productivity of the company’s latest generation of multifunctional digital cutting 
systems. Zünd Cut Center software dynamically guides the operator through the cutting process by continually 
offering best choices based on the material to be cut, available tooling, and quality requirements. Because the 
software basically eliminates the need for operator experience or trial and error, it minimizes set-up times, helps 
avoid mistakes, and ensures the cutter is running at maximum productivity levels at all times.

With a highly visual and intuitive user interface, Zund Cut Center encompasses all phases of an efficient graphics 
production workflow - including designing, planning, printing, and cutting. With Zund Cut Center, customers’ 
needs can be met faster, with higher and consistent quality and far less effort.

Cutting a job with Zund Cut Center is as easy as reading a barcode or selecting a job from the integral Cut Queue. 
Either approach puts an end to the time consuming task of locating a cut file for a new job or for reproducing an 
existing one. In addition, a new workflow utilizes jobspecific details (such as material specifications, order ID, due 
date, and job priority) to determine when and how a job is cut.

Key features
• Cut Queue for quick file retrieval and access to the production schedule for job prioritization.
• Using the industry’s most sophisticated algorithm, “Best-Fit” compensation corrects for even the most non-uniform 
distortions, such as those seen in printed textiles.
• Cut Editor offers advanced editing functions, including router hatch/island fill used to create pockets in rigid 
substrates, overcut compensation to eliminate unsightly cuts on inside corners, etc.

“Zund Cut Center is far superior to anything in the marketplace,” says Lars Bendixen, the Sign and Graphics 
Product Manager for Zünd Systemtechnik AG. “In cooperation with leading RIP, ERP, and MIS software 
manufacturers, we expect to take automated workflow, production planning and reporting to the next level. 
The possibilities are unlimited.”

“Zund Cut Center is a direct result of our close cooperation with Grafitroniks, the developer and supplier of the 
widely used GTK Cut Pro and Touch & Cut Vision registration software. Their expertise combined with our 
knowledge of cutting hardware and workflow requirements were essential to the development of this new 
product,” says Oliver Zünd, Managing Director for Sign & Graphics at Zünd Systemtechnik AG.

Zund Cut Center will be demonstrated for the first time at ISA 2010 Sign Expo in Orlando, FL, and again at 
Fespa in Munich and Viscom in Frankfurt, Germany.

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