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Moab by Legion Paper - 3/8/2010

Moab Launches New Somerset Rag

Moab, a division of Legion Paper, the nation’s premier paper company dedicated to the art of the fine print, is 
proud to announce the addition of Somerset Museum Rag to the renowned Moab family of papers coated for 
inkjet machines. The 100% cotton Somerset Museum Rag produces deep, rich blacks with an unparalleled 
color gamut to make a vibrant image pop to life.

Somerset is manufactured by the acclaimed St Cuthberts Mill in England, producers of the famed Somerset 
Enhanced Velvet papers that were primarily responsible for launching fine art digital imaging over a decade ago. 
“Somerset really started it all,” says Tom York, Director of Digital Imaging, Moab Paper. “Somerset Velvet was 
used by every major iris printer in the early 90’s because it was one of the first durable cotton papers to be 
coated to handle a broad range of colors necessary for fine art reproduction.”

Somerset Museum Rag is a pioneer in its own right: A 300gsm paper with a smooth surface, sensuous to the 
touch, yet durable to everyday handling, made from the most archival ingredients available. The 100% cotton 
paper is archival and acid-free by nature, and unlike most cotton papers, Somerset is mould-made using a 
traditional cylinder mould machine to produce a more durable and consistent surface quality than most machine-
made papers. “Somerset Museum Rag is an authentic photo art paper that changes the game,” says Andy Biggs, 
African wildlife photographer and print master. “I was literally blown away at the quality of my B&W prints with 
detail I have never before seen on a cotton paper.” Somerset Museum Rag will be available beginning April 
2010 in a wide-range of 20-sheet boxes, including popular sizes such as 8.5x11, 11x17, 13x19 and 17x22. Rolls 
17, 24, 44 and 60 inches wide by 50 feet long will also be offered.

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