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Canon U.S.A., Inc. - 2/22/2010

Canon Introduces Three New imagePROGRAF Large Format Printers

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging and advanced office solutions, today answers the increasing 
demand for large format prints in the photographic, proofing and graphic arts market with the introduction of three 
new imagePROGRAF large format models – the 44-inch imagePROGRAF iPF8300, 24-inch imagePROGRAF 
iPF6350 and the iPF6300.  Designed for precise, ultra high-quality print performance and increased productivity, 
each model features Canon’s new, 12-Color LUCIA EX pigment ink set and advanced printing technologies 
specifically developed to produce prints with an enhanced color range and improved durability. The new 
imagePROGRAF models will be unveiled at the Wedding & Portrait Photographer International (WPPI) 
Convention at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, March 8-11, 2010.

“In just four short years, Canon has introduced more than 20 imagePROGRAF large format printers to the market 
with each new model raising the bar for outstanding, vibrant image quality and overall versatility,” said Jim 
Rosetta, vice president and general manager, Imaging Systems Group, Canon U.S.A.  “Coupled with our new 
LUCIA EX ink set and advanced media capabilities, the new imagePROGRAF models represent an ideal 
solution for the graphic, fine art, photography and proofing markets.” 

Enhanced Color Spectrum 

With increasing consumer demand for professional and high-quality print jobs, high-end graphic and photographic 
studios continue to seek the capability to accurately produce vivid output of consumers’ most demanding projects.   
To enhance its available color spectrum, the new imagePROGRAF models feature a revolutionary all-new 12-
Color LUCIA EX pigment ink set increasing the achievable color gamut by approximately 20 percent from the 
previous imagePROGRAF iPFx100 series and enabling over 90 percent coverage of PANTONE ® (*) colors to 
produce rich expression. Additionally, to better meet the needs of the professional print market, the new models 
feature a reinforced mechanical structure to enable precise ink placement for improved text and line accuracy, 
making these new devices a powerful proofing solution.  

Exquisite Photographic Output

The introduction of the new LUCIA EX ink provides photographers with the ability to precisely achieve their 
desired results by producing more expressive and crisp blacks, smooth color gradations, and the capability to 
reproduce the finest details in the shadow areas of photographs.  The new inks are also designed with an 
innovative polymer structure that results in greater scratch resistance and protection from color fading, while 
also reducing bronzing and metamerism ensuring durable, stable output. 

Wilhelm Imaging Research (WIR), the world’s leading independent image permanence testing laboratory, has 
been evaluating the new Canon LUCIA EX expanded-gamut, 12-color pigment inks.  Henry Wilhelm, president 
of WIR commented, “A review of preliminary data from the still ongoing tests indicates that prints made with LUCIA 
EX pigment inks and select photo and fine art papers will achieve WIR Display Permanence Ratings in excess of 
75 years for color images and well beyond 200 years for black-and-white images.  In addition, LUCIA EX pigment 
inks exhibit excellent short-term color drift (“dry-down”) behavior, which is critically important for color-managed 
workflows and in proofing applications.  The new LUCIA EX inks also achieved WIR’s highest rating for 
resistance to damage from atmospheric ozone, a particular concern in urban environments in situations where 
prints might be displayed unframed and exposed to ambient indoor air.”

Simplified Workflows

Recognizing the expanding array of media options for large format printers and to further improve the versatility of 
these new imagePROGRAF models, Canon has developed a new Media Configuration Tool which allows customers 
to not only utilize genuine Canon-branded media, but provides the ability to add and make adjustments to paper 
settings to enhance the precision and quality of output achieved with third-party media. Upon release of the new 
printer, ICC profiles of popular media types from Intelicoat, Ilford, LexJet and Moab will be available for download 
on their respective corporate Web sites. 

To expand print options and improve proofing capabilities, the iPF8300, iPF6350 and iPF6300 come bundled 
with a new Print Plug-In for Photoshop®, Digital Photo Professional and support for Adobe Color Management 
Module, enabling features such as Black Point Compensation.  Through the Photoshop Plug-In, each new 
model allows 16-bit RGB images edited in Photoshop to be sent directly to the imagePROGRAF printers, 
preserving smooth and high gradation.

Brian Hampton, an award-winning nature photographer printing with a Canon imagePROGRAF for the first time 
stated, “The quality of the print is amazing.  I was particularly impressed by the iPF8300’s ability to reproduce 
shadow details in a way that exceeds anything I’ve seen previously on the market. It’s quite a step above the 
competition.”  Hampton also noted the built-in workflow solutions and commented, “The ability to export out of 
Photoshop via the plug-in is outstanding. Many of its capabilities perform as well as an RIP program without the 
additional cost.”

Maximize Productivity

In order to support high-volume printing and streamline workflows the Canon iPF8300 and iPF6350 come 
equipped with an 80 GB high-capacity hard disk drive (HDD) that allows for faster spooling of large files as well 
as the ability to reprint jobs directly from the printer. To ensure the highest level of productivity and reduce overall 
print time, all new models are also equipped with a standard gigabit Ethernet network interface and an automatic 
dual-blade cutter.

In those environments that utilize a complete workflow solution in conjunction with CGS, EFI, Ergosoft, GMG, 
ONYX and other leading RIP manufacturers, updated drivers will be available for download upon the release 
of the printers from their respective Web sites.

Precision Technology

To fully capitalize on the dynamic color range of the new LUCIA EX ink set, each new imagePROGRAF model 
employs two advanced one-inch print heads, each featuring 2,560 nozzles per color and outputting a super 
fine four picoliter (pl) droplet at a full 2400x1200 dots-per-inch resolution (dpi) to reproduce details with 
extraordinary accuracy and clarity.  Paired with enhanced plug-ins and new, High Precision Printing Modes, 
these new imagePROGRAF models provide an extremely high level of photographic and proofing quality prints.

The new imagePROGRAF iPF8300, iPF6350 and iPF6300 are compliant with U.S. ENERGY STAR energy-
saving standards and RoHS compliance standards.  The new Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8300, iPF6350 and 
iPF6300 large format printers will be on display at WPPI booth 401 in Las Vegas, NV from March 8-10, 2010. 
The imagePROGRAF iPF8300/6350/6300 will start shipping in March for a manufacturers suggested retail 
price of $5,995, $3,995 and $3,695, respectively.

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