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Graphics One LLC - 2/19/2010

Graphics One Launches SEPIAX Direct-to-Anything Ink

2010-Graphics One, LLC (GO), an international distributor dedicated to providing innovative, high quality digital
imaging products is pleased to announce the launch and release of the revolutionary SEPIAX Ink in the Americas 
at the ISA show. Using water based resin, owners of printers with EPSON printheads now have a revolutionary 
ink solution, without having to invest in a new printer or utilize specially coated substrates.

Establishing an innovative new digital ink standard, SEPIAX prints on virtually any substrate whether coated or 
uncoated--truly the first “direct-to-anything” ink. Even more astounding, the ink is water based and environmentally 
friendly, yet can be used for both indoor and outdoor imaging. Lasting up to three years outdoors without any 
lamination, SEPIAX ink offers a color gamut nearly identical to OEM ecosolvent inks with pigments which provide 
excellent lightfastness.

Specifically developed for printers using EPSON piezo printheads, SEPIAX ink works with printers from Mutoh, 
Mimaki, Roland and EPSON. Working in a similar manner as UV-curable ink, SEPIAX ink employs heat fixation 
so the ink is fixed on contact with the substrate. Unlike toxic UV-curable inks, SEPIAX contains no hazardous 
monomers. In addition, the standard preheaters on Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland and some EPSON printers are 
capable of heating most roll materials to the required temperature with no added modifications. SEPIAX ink 
adhesion rivals that of eco-solvent ink and since the ink cures on the substrate surface in a manner similar to 
UV-curable ink, ink usage is typically between 30-50% less than standard OEM ink.

SEPIAX Ink is one of the greenest ink offerings available, with the majority of the liquid being water. The ink is 
environmentally friendly, is non-toxic, is non-flammable and is odorless. SEPIAX was recognized recently by the 
European FESPA show for its environmental leadership and product innovation.

According to Dan Barefoot, President of Graphics One, “In all my years of being involved in the large format 
imaging business, this new development is probably the most exciting change which I have seen in our industry. 
This product will literally cause a major shift in the way in which substrates are used. It is a game changer. All a 
user has to do is preheat the substrate and print it—Heat It. Print It.” 

Additionally Barefoot noted, “SEPIAX Ink is a true green ink and when combined with other environmental friendly 
products, will lead the industry transition to ecologically responsible printing.

SEPIAX Ink is available immediately from Graphics One channel partners.

Ten Facts about Sepiax Ink:
1. Prints on virtually any substrate*
2. No substrate coating needed
3. Water based resin with exceptional pigment properties
4. Eco-friendly , non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless
5. Ink 30% -50% less for same coverage
6. Adhesion and durability rivaling eco-solvent
7. Outdoor durability up to three years
8. Clog reduced formula
9. Compatible with all EPSON piezo printheads
10. Not ordinary latex—It’s better.
*Substrate surface must be between 45C~55C

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