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3M - 2/16/2010

3M Europe Announces Performance Guarantee Program Updates

3M continues to grow its roster of OEM piezo inkjet printer and ink combinations qualified to receive the 3M 
Performance Guarantee when used with a wide range of approved 3M media.  New to the list are the following:
HP Designjet L25500 printer 
Seiko ColorPainter H-74s/H-104s printer
DURST Rho 320R printer

In addition, the 3M Performance Guarantee continues to cover printer from efi-Vutek, Epson, Gandinnovation, 
HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and Seiko. 

3M’s qualified-media portfolio for these OEM printers and inks incorporates a broad range of products including 
Controltac™ Graphic Films, Controltac™ Graphic Films with Comply™ Adhesive, Scotchcal™ Graphic Films and 
Scotchlite™ Reflective Graphic Films, all from 3M.  These products are designed, engineered, developed, 
tested and manufactured for optimal compatibility and performance.

          “3M conducts extensive testing to confirm that our products are reliable and provide consistent results,” said 
Rainer Schloesser, Market Development Manager, 3M Commercial Graphics Europe.  

          “Running media in a printer isn’t like buying gas,” Schloesser continued. “These aren’t interchangeable parts.  
There are so many variables that can change the physical properties of the media.” The Performance 
Guarantee covers tested and qualified OEM printers and inks used with 3M media. Approved 3M media and
overlaminates are guaranteed to be free of media-induced artifacts that can cause misprints and are guaranteed 
to adhere to recommended substrates.

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