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Artgrafix - 1/25/2010

Artgrafix Expands Biodegradable Mount Board Program

Artgrafix announced today it has expanded its Biodegradable Mount Board program.  Effective immediately, all 
white One Step™ pouch boards and DuraMount™ Self-stick Boards will be manufactured with Biodegradable Boards.   
Previously, these products were made with standard polystyrene foam centers.  By consolidating raw materials, 
Artgrafix has been able to generate savings which will allow these biodegradable products to sell at the same 
prices as standard foam boards.

Pouch Boards are used for mounting and laminating inkjet prints in one step.  They are made with and laminate 
film sheets.  To use them, printers insert their images between the board and the laminate and process through a 
laminator.  Their one step process makes them ideal for on-demand sign and displays which many are used 
short-term.  Biodegradable pouch boards will reduce over 90% the disposal volume associated with these displays.
DuraMount boards are moisture resistant and made from foam board with a rigid polystyrene surface.  In addition 
to being biodegradable, DuraMount boards are also Recyclable.  Duramount boards are used for mounting 
applications where minimal bowing or reaction to humidity is a concern.  

Artgrafix has sold biodegradable foam and pouch board products for a year.  Commenting on changing all of these 
products to a biodegradable format, Jeff Stover said “it is important that the performance of biodegradable 
products be equal or exceed standard form products and our experience proves this to be so.”  He added, 
“we have been seeing companies increasingly specify biodegradable products and that demand helped to make 
this change possible.  With this volume and the reduction in inventory costs, we are able to offer this superior 
product at the same cost.”
Printers can get a sample of the Biodegradable Pouch boards or DuraMount boards by contacting Artgrafix at 
800.443.4421.  For more information on this and other new products, visit Artgrafix at

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