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Mimaki - 1/4/2010

Mimaki Introduces the New Highly Productive Direct and Dye-Sublimation Printer JV5-320DS

Mimaki Engineering Co. Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagano/Japan, President: Akira Ikeda) announces its new large 
format direct and dye-sublimation printer JV5-320DS. The machine enables direct printing on polyester substrates 
up to a width of 3,2 m. The highly acclaimed productivity and quality features of JV5 have been merged in this 
model to produce outstanding results on textiles on the superwide format printer. JV5-320DS will be shipped from 
January 8, 2010 onwards.

JV5-320DS is based on the award-winning solvent superwide format printer JV5-320S from Mimaki that was 
introduced in 2007 and is designed for high productivity and accurate print quality requirements in the outdoor 
signage market. As the exterior signage market is experiencing growing demand for outside signage on polyester 
textiles, for instance, for flags, banners, so called soft signage, that are better catered to with water based 
dye-sublimation inks, Mimaki has designed the JV5-320DS.

Almost all the benefits from current JV5-320S are incorporated into JV5-320DS in such a way that the highest 
productivity and excellent image quality are achieved on this direct and dye-sublimation printer. During printing 
on polyester substrates, inks can easily pass through the fabric underneath. Thus, JV5-320DS is newly 
equipped with an ink catcher to prevent that inks penetrating the fabric will stain the back side. Furthermore the 
new drying fan will dry inks directly after printing in order to prevent sticking of media during the winding process. 
In addition, JV5-320DS features Mimaki's new Spray Suppressor System that improve consistency even further.

JV5-320DS achieves a maximum resolution of 1440 dpi. Print speeds vary according to resolution between 60.3 
sqm/h (540 x 720 dpi) for far away viewing to short range viewing of 44 sqm/h (at 540 x 1080 dpi). Mimaki's 
proven Sb52 dye-sublimation ink with its superior coloration characteristics is used. Furthermore, the machine 
features MBIS (Mimaki Bulk Ink Supply System (optional)) that enables an ink load of 2 liter containers and thus 
caters to long uninterrupted print runs while at the same time saving money on ink. By enabling not only direct 
on textile printing but also dye-sublimation printing in one machine, print service provider's experience far broader 
application possibilities that will raise a business's values and improve its business proposals. Further savings 
can be achieved by directly printing on pre-treated polyester thus eliminating transfer paper costs and 
environmental impact thereof.

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