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Source One Digital - 10/15/2009

Leading Digital Printer Adds Grand Format Dye Sub Solution

Source One Digital announced today the addition of the Gandinnovations Jeti AquaJet three meter, grand format 
dye sublimation printer to its current roster of Gandinnovations Jeti solvent and UV flatbed printers. The Jeti 3324 
AquaJet is a cutting edge dye sub printer using specially formulated, water-based dye dispersed inks that allow 
direct printing to any polyester fabric, eliminating the additional expense of the paper transfer process used in 
traditional dye sublimation. 

"This new direct dye sub print process achieves brilliant, vibrant colors that literally burst to life from the fabric, 
and the prints are fade and wash resistant," says Jim Freed, VP of Production for Source One Digital. 

"As a nationally recognized digital printing leader, it is critically important that we respond quickly to the demands 
of our direct and wholesale client base," says Randy Crow, President of Source One Digital. "Our point of sale 
and wholesale customers have been increasingly requesting dye sub, and given our longstanding relationship 
with Gandinnovations, adding the AquaJet will be very exciting."

"The AquaJet is also a great eco-friendly print solution," adds Freed. "It uses non- toxic, VOC-free, water-based 
ink and prints directly to fabric that can be made from recycled polyester. These lighter weight polyester banner 
and flag fabrics require fewer raw materials for their manufacture, reducing the impact of associated transportation, 
making the whole package about as eco-friendly as we can make it."

Source One Digital has a substantial digital printing production facility that houses four grand format solvent roll-
to-roll machines, including a 16 foot printer. They also have two of Gandinnovations UV flatbed printers.

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