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Seiko I Infotech - 10/7/2009

Seiko Instruments USA Introduces New Value-Priced Inks For ColorPainter V-64s

Seiko Instruments USA announced today that it will add a new valuepriced EG-Outdoor LX mild solvent ink set 
to its EG-Outdoor ink series. 

The EG-Outdoor LX inks are designed specially for the ColorPainter™ V-64s, Seiko’s high-performance 64-inch 
mild solvent inkjet printer. The new LX inks will be unveiled at the Screen Printing & Imaging Technology Expo 
(SGIA) in New Orleans, Louisiana beginning October 7, 2009.

In addition to its competitive price point, the new EG-Outdoor LX inks also feature:
- Excellent outdoor durability
- Superb outdoor light fastness
- Outstanding color density

The new LX inks will be packaged in large 500ml cartridges and available in 6 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, 
Black, Light Cyan and Light Magenta). ColorPainter V-64s users will be able to select from either EG-Outdoor 
LX or EX inks. The new LX inks are a lower cost alternative ink for those customers that do not need or want 
the more environmentallyfriendly EX inks. EX inks offer lower VOCs and virtually no odor. The new EG-Outdoor 
LX inks will be sold through authorized ColorPainter distributors and are scheduled for limited availability in 
October 2009.

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