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Onyx Graphics - 9/17/2009

ONYX Graphics Announces New Versions and Pricing of ONYX PrepEdge Job Preparation Software

ONYX Graphics, Inc. today announced the release of ONYX® PrepEdgeTM Pro software Version 2.1 and 
ONYX PrepEdge software, a new entry-level job preparation tool designed specifically for wide format printing. 

"More than 70% of wide format shops say prepress job preparation is their biggest workflow bottleneck," 
explains Dean Derhak, ONYX Director of Product Management. "Shops have embraced ONYX PrepEdge Pro 
software because it addresses their main workflow bottlenecks and increases overall shop productivity. The 
prepress operators using the product gave us suggestions on how we could improve the toolset for this release."

New Entry-Level Version
ONYX PrepEdge software is a simpler, lower-cost version of the ONYX PrepEdge Pro software. It was 
developed specifically for shops without access – or with limited access – to a professional designer to prepare 
print jobs. This package offers a complete set of easy, wide format job preparation tools without the more 
complex design and PDF Editing capabilities. The new ONYX PrepEdge software can reduce labor costs in 
the prepress and production stages because it can be used by non-designer prepress operators. "The return-
on-investment is very compelling for these shops because, with a small investment in ONYX PrepEdge software, 
they can prepare jobs more quickly while reducing production costs," said Dean Derhak.

Enhancements to ONYX PrepEdge Pro Software
Based on prepress operator’s requests, ONYX PrepEdge Pro software version 2.1 includes enhancements to the 
tiling and contour cutting tools to further reduce prepress operator time. Customers also suggested an improved 
look to the white ink tool to make each option visually intuitive. The result is a powerful tool that quickly lets 
prepress operators set up white ink jobs. The enhancements support the white ink workflows of Océ Arizona® 
series UV curable flatbed printers and Roland® VersaWorks® RIP software.

What People Are Saying
Hems and grommets are easy now with ONYX PrepEdge Pro software; we love how it handles all of our banner 
set-up. Plus we use it all the time to prep files and make cut paths. ONYX PrepEdge Pro software really takes 
care of our file preparation needs and saves us a lot of time! said Maureen Promboof, DigiGraphics, Warrenville, IL.

We are so satisfied with ONYX PrepEdge Pro software that we use it all the time. Our team puts it to work on 
PDF files when we need to change orientation, add bleeds and marks or compensate for missing fonts. It helps 
our team get files ready to print quicker and tackles our general pre-flight tasks with ease, said Kelli Jarzombek 
of 1st Source Digital, Selma, TX.

Our team is able to seamlessly utilize ONYX PrepEdge Pro software on our Macintosh® systems and submit jobs 
to Caldera or ONYX software; this improves our workflow and allows us to complete tasks quicker, commented 
Doug Seney of Light Visions Ltd., Winnipeg, MB.

RIP-independent and platform-friendly
ONYX PrepEdge software works with all wide format software RIPs. It is the only job preparation software that 
can run on Mac® OS® X 10.4 or higher, Windows® XP or Windows Vista®. ONYX PrepEdge software offers 
capabilities specific to the wide format printing workflow, works well with design applications, and goes beyond 
the PDF editing tools that are currently available.

Availability & Pricing
ONYX PrepEdge software is now available in two versions:  ONYX PrepEdge and ONYX PrepEdge Pro packages. 
Both packages include wide format tools for sizing and cropping, tiling and tiling templates, printing job tickets, 
grommeting, contour cutting, color management, image place holding and white ink workflow. ONYX PrepEdge 
Pro software adds a full PostScript®/PDF editor, vector image object editing tools, color correction tools, a color 
library matcher, spot color replacement and a text editor. To view an online demonstration of ONYX PrepEdge 
Pro software, visit

ONYX PrepEdge Pro Software Version 2.1 is available now from select ONYX Authorized Resellers and direct 
from the ONYX on-line store. The new ONYX PrepEdge software is US$995 for a single license. New 
manufacturer’s list prices have also been announced for ONYX PrepEdge Pro software. A single-license of 
ONYX PrepEdge Pro software is now US$1495. Multiple license packages are also available through ONYX 
Authorized Resellers.

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