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RH Solutions LLC - 9/15/2009

RH Solutions Provides 100 Percent Solvent-Free Systems

RH Solutions of Ohio, a solution supplier for multicolor printing, delivers the latest cutting edge in multicolor 
screen printing and digital technology from Siasprint and DYSS.  Multicolor systems from either company are 
specifically designed to improve quality and productivity performance, while reducing labor and production cost 
to render a healthier balance sheet.  RH Solutions’ primary objective is to provide exceptional solutions that will 
significantly increase profit margins for any company.

Established over 40 years ago, Siasprint is the leading manufacturer of multicolor screen printing lines while 
highly regarded DYSS manufacturers digital printers and much sought-after cutting systems since the 80’s.  
"Both companies are driven by innovative engineering technology, producing groundbreaking automation with 
superior attention to detail, heavy duty construction and industrial-grade design.  The customer experiences 
significantly reduced setup time and require less manpower during high speed operation.   As should be 
expected of all printing systems, they are specifically designed for long life and modularity without the complexity 
of separate suppliers, in order to maximize quality, profitability and productivity. " 

RH Solutions is proud to announce that Siasprint and DYSS have taken a radical departure from solvent-based 
inks by supplying systems that are 100% solvent-free.  This advance is critical for companies adopting 
environmentally-friendly initiatives and avoids the expense of potential replacements later to meet future 
environmental regulations.  Siasprint’s approach has gone further with a new technological breakthrough in 
advanced energy saving benefits that significantly recaptures most of the operating cost. 

RH Solutions provides expert technical advice, service and support for all supplied systems.  If multicolor screen 
printing or digital printing equipment that are thoroughly eco-friendly designed while offering long life, maximum 
productivity, efficiency, versatility and reliability are part of your future printing plans please call for further 
information.  RH Solutions, LLC, Milford, Ohio.  (513) 407-5399.

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