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GMG - 9/11/2009

GMG offers ColorServer Wide Format at Print 09

GMG, supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, is demonstrating a new solution for wide 
format applications at its booth (7159) and in the Mimaki booth (4869) during Print 09, in Chicago from September 
11-16. GMG ColorServer Wide Format includes the new GMG SmartProfiler to create printer profiles, and the 
Barbieri Spectro LFP RT spectrophotometer.

With GMG ColorServer Wide Format color management software users easily achieve uniform results across 
different manufacturers and models of printers, along with unrivalled print quality. In addition, GMG ColorServer 
Wide Format also automates color space conversions, normalizing different incoming RGB or CMYK files of 
different standards into a single uniform working color space. Both industry standards and in-house standards 
in a variety of files format are supported.

Resolving a color challenge
As print buyers of wide format signs and displays have become more sophisticated, color management has 
become a more important requirement. Wide-format print buyers are increasingly expecting exceptional color 
accuracy, repeatability, and colors that match those produced by traditional printing processes such as offset or 
gravure printing. Many digital printing and large format systems operate in hybrid environments; for example, 
along with digital and offset presses. There is a clear demand that the prints must look identical, no matter where 
they are printed. Unfortunately, too many printers rely on their image editing skills to output consistent color, 
rather than on the science of a color management tool.

Science replaces skill: GMG ColorServer Wide Format
When printing with different inks (UV, solvent, aqueous, etc.), and different substrates on different machines, 
with different RIPs, centralized color management is the only way to achieve reliable and consistent color results. 
With centrally controlled color management, companies can greatly increase productivity, production reliability, 
and the color quality of printed materials. 

With GMG ColorServer, when an incoming file is received, the file is transferred (or normalized) to one consistent, 
controlled working color space. This easy to edit file is rendered in a broad color space and, thus, available 
for repurposing across different color standards upon output. The files are sent to any calibrated printer, with 
color management turned off in the RIP, to avoid any alteration of color.

Due to the identical color of printed output, flexibility in hybrid production environments is enhanced, because 
the decision of where to send a job for printing can be made at the last minute, with no visible difference in results. 
Ultimately, after the system is up and running, all a user needs is a spectrophotometer and a measuring process 
that virtually any operator can follow. 

New: GMG SmartProfiler makes profiles easily
GMG SmartProfiler is new user-friendly wizard included with ColorServer Wide Format that allows customers to 
easily calibrate and profile different output devices without requiring expert knowledge of color management. 
With GMG SmartProfiler, the creation of individual profiles and printer calibrations is greatly simplified. Sources 
of error are minimized, since the user is guided step-by-step to create a profile, calibrate a printer, and update 
calibrations and linearize printers as necessary.

Measuring color with the BARBIERI Spectro LFP RT spectrophotometer
The final piece of GMG ColorServer Wide Format is compatibility with a spectrophotometer designed to measure 
large printed samples. The Spectrophotometer Spectro LFP RT is an automatic measuring instrument for most 
large format, flatbed, and UV printed materials, both transmissive and reflective. The BARBIERI Spectro LFP RT 
spectrophotometer can easily measure papers, vinyl, textiles, cardboards, plastic plates, gypsum plates, wood, 
glass, stone, ceramics plates and many more materials. It is connected seamlessly into GMG ColorServer Wide 

"In recent years, GMG has earned itself a first-class reputation with its trendsetting color management solutions 
for the graphic arts industry, especially for the traditional proofing business. However, large format printing is a 
growing market segment, which will benefit extremely from GMG's outstanding color management expertise. The 
potential uses for GMG SmartProfiler together with GMG ColorServer are as manifold as are digital and large 
format printing applications. We have no doubt that our new solution will set important quality standards in these
 environments," says Paul Willems, CEO of GMG GmbH & Co. KG.”

GMG ColorServer Wide Format begins shipping in October 2009.

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