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Agfa - 9/11/2009

Agfa Helps Printers Stay Ahead at Print ’09

Agfa Graphics announced today that it is demonstrating an array of innovative prepress and inkjet solutions 
during Print ’09 Chicago (Booth #2600, South Hall) that will help printers stay ahead of industry-wide pressures 
and market constraints. To do so, Agfa is focusing on hands-on ways and real world solutions that printers can 
use today to revitalize their businesses via automation, integration, sustainability and diversification, “the” key 
drivers of the industry going forward.  Among the solutions being demonstrated at the Agfa booth are:

Solutions for increased automation
- :Apogee Suite 6.0 (first national demos) integrated, digital workflow solution that brings together a wide range 
of features, combining automation with process control of the entire workflow in real time, from a single drag-and-
drop graphical user interface. The open architecture JDF-based software will showcase connectivity to other 
JDF-based systems like Web2Print, MIS, Digital Presses and more. :Apogee v6.0 allows the import and 
conversion of different file formats into a PDF for controlled output to a web portal for soft approval, to a page 
or imposition proofing device, to a CtF or CtP imaging device, to a digital press, or export to another prepress system
- :Apogee Portal (featuring new PageMaster Interface) strengthens and simplifies the communication efforts 
between printers and their customers, allowing them to work together on projects and tasks and resulting in 
higher productivity, a shorter number of steps before printing, and reduced reworks and errors 
- :Apogee InkSave - integrated and automated option that intelligently applies a high degree of Grey Component 
Replacement (GCR) to reduce the amount of ink used while maintaining a high quality color output. In addition 
to using up to 30% less ink, :Apogee InkSave provides greater grey balance control on press, faster drying 
times and better tolerance to mis-registration on press
- :Arkitex -  a powerful workflow system for newspaper production that integrates equipment and tasks throughout 
the workflow, allowing users to operate more efficiently and meet tight deadlines with ease 
- :Arkitex OptiInk - fully automated solution that processes PDF files and optimizes ink utilization in newspaper 
printing, offering the potential for significant ink savings while maintaining full quality print 
- :Arkitex IntelliTune - image processing software for newspapers that reduces image processing time, improves 
quality and speeds time to press by eliminating time-consuming image correction
- :Arkitex -The workflow standard for the Newspaper Industry offering total automation from editorial through 

Solutions for successful integration
Integration is another means by which printers are improving their businesses. Agfa will be demonstrating onsite 
JDF integrations including:
- :Apogee JDF integration with Press-Sense iWay - This Web2Print integration focuses on the possibilities that 
exist for today's commercial printers. This includes outreach to new clients and improving interactions with existing
customers all via a web-based storefront.  Print ‘09 attendees will see iWay's flexibility with template based 
ordering, variable input and static document uploads and the power of :Apogee in both job creation and 
production processes. A variety of delivery scenarios will be explored and so much more
- :Apogee JDF MIS Link to Technique MIS - This demonstration will offer a hands-on look at this open JDF 
partnership that enables the highest possible integration between MIS and prepress systems. This integration 
facilitates automated job creation in the prepress system with full bi-directional status messaging. Material usage 
data is reported back to the MIS for job costing analysis, thereby eliminating the need for manual data collection 
by prepress operators. Technique MIS has the ability to dynamically include production tasks and specify private 
features within :Apogee Portal and :Apogee  Prepress allowing printers to efficiently manage their workflow 
inventory costs, billing and scheduling
- :Apogee Digital Print Link to Canon imagePRESS - :Apogee Prepress has been enhanced to drive high speed 
digital presses, including the Canon imagePRESS. :Apogee Prepress manages the data to create proofs, plates 
and digital printing. All parameters for media selection and the various finishing features can be set in the :Apogee 
workflow, so products are delivered from the digital press. This means no additional input from the operator is 
required. The strong synergy between digital printing technology and Agfa's prepress solutions ensures 
commercial printers have realistic ways to secure profitable growth for their businesses.  

Sustainable solutions that help printers reduce costs and consumption of natural resources & increased productivity, 
efficiency with automation
- :Azura TS thermal plate uses a simple process via a clean-out unit (COU), making plates press-ready with no 
need for chemical processing. With :Azura TS water consumption and waste are considerably reduced
- The :Azura C95 COU has low energy requirements and a small footprint, providing further benefits for low-to-
medium-volume commercial printers
- :Energy Elite (no-bake thermal plate) for peak production and long runs as well as  :N92-VCF (violet photo-
polymer, chemistry-free plate) and :N92-V (long-run, no-bake violet photo-polymer plate) for newspaper production 
environments. Both help users reduce waste while maintaining quality
- :Avalon N8-50 CtP system features GLV imaging head technology, uses 512 and 1024 beams to deliver 
between 24 and 50 B1 plates per hour in a fully automated CtP configuration. These precision imaging heads 
produce exceptional tonal accuracy and uniformity from corner to corner, plate to plate and job to job 
- :Avalon N4 is a thermal platesetter that offers a convenient solution for the mid-size printer market for 4-up and 
6-up applications. The :Avalon N4 has a maximum imaging speed of up to 21 4-up plates/hr. and can produce 
thermal plates including Agfa’s :Azura TS.

Solutions to help printers diversify and create new business opportunities
- :Dotrix Modular (running live; North American debut):  This digital UV inkjet web press features high speed (80ft. 
/min.), unique width of 25.6 inches and expanded color gamut for  folding carton, flexible packaging, POP and 
industrial applications
- :Anapurna Mw (running live; First time in North America) an industrial UV inkjet printer that adds single pass 
pre-white and multi-pass post-white to the :Anapurna M series, creating new possibilities for printing on transparent 
material and backlit applications or printing white as a spot color. The :Anapurna Mw’s unique vacuum strength-
control system guarantees smooth transport at high speeds of a wide variety of substrates, including rigid and 
roll-to-roll media
- :Anapurna M2 (running live) a brand new  heavy-duty industrial UV inkjet printer, designed to produce top 
quality output (up to 720 x 1440 dpi) on a wide range of rigid and roll-to-roll media. The :Anapurna M² offers the 
highest speed, quality and productivity of any printer in its class, producing high-quality poster output in six-color 
mode at 247 ft²/h
- :Anapurna M4f (running live) a 63” 4-color UV flatbed printing solution with roll-to-roll option that  provides maximum 
flexibility of applications at the most economical price. With print resolutions of 720 x 1440 dpi, the :Anapurna M4f 
delivers excellent photorealistic printing results for indoor and outdoor applications
- :M-Press TIGER, (North American debut)  a brand new high-speed flatbed inkjet press co-developed by Thieme 
and Agfa, featuring new printhead technology, auto head positioning and tuning. :M-Press TIGER can print 
17,000 ft. an hour.The perfect solution for high volume POP providers and other traditional screen printing

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