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Canon Solutions America - 9/10/2009

Océ Demonstrates Package Prototyping Application at Print 09

Océ Arizona 350 XT UV flatbed printer and Océ ProCut digital cutting tables produce on-demand package 
prototypes on a variety of rigid and flexible media

At Print 09 in Chicago, September 11-16, 2009, Océ will demonstrate how new digital technologies can 
advance packaging prototyping. In its booth 1863, Océ will show how the Océ Arizona® 350 XT UV 
flatbed printer and the Océ ProCutTM digital cutting table – key elements of the complete, integrated Océ 
Streamlined Workflow system – can be used to create package prototypes quickly and accurately.

Widely employed in the display graphics industry to create exhibits and point-of-purchase displays, the 
Océ Streamlined Workflow system can offer the same benefits of producing quick and accurate structural 
prototypes to design groups and packaging companies. Working with Arden Software, Océ will demonstrate 
how Arden’s IMPACT software can easily fit into the entire workflow to design, print and finish a package 
prototype. IMPACT software is a design package specifically written for print and packaging companies, 
display manufacturers and die makers. It includes dedicated tools for structural design, product development, 
virtual prototyping and manufacturing.

From design to finished prototype in minutes
The demonstration includes package prototypes designed in Arden’s IMPACT structural design software that 
provides support for solid board, in corrugated or point of purchase displays. It assists users in setting up and 
completing complex projects with ease. Its intuitive drawing tools, a large library of pre-programmed and 
reusable design styles, an intelligent layout feature, and realistic 3D modeling capabilities combine to make 
IMPACT software one of the most usable, efficient and productive design packages on the market. 

Visitors to the Océ booth will see firsthand how the finished design file is imported into the Océ ProCut system, 
where the dielines are assigned to the appropriate cutting/creasing tools. A bar code and registration marks
are added. The cut data is sent to the Océ ProCut digital cutting table. The print data (including bar code and 
registration marks) is sent to the ONYX® ProductionHouseTM RIP workstation for processing, then forwarded 
to the Océ Arizona 350 XT UV flatbed printer. Once printing is complete, the operator moves the finished piece 
to the Océ ProCut table, scans the barcode and initiates cutting. The Océ ProCut system retrieves the 
cut/crease data, and the prototype is automatically finished. What once took hours is now done in minutes.

The Océ Streamlined Workflow eliminates common errors made when a prototype is created manually, often 
in the cutting stage. Designers and packaging companies can print as many prototypes as needed for focus 
groups and client presentations – even create custom short runs for test markets – and be assured that every 
piece will be consistent in color and fit. Most importantly, the restriction of printing on white paperboard is 
eliminated.  With the Océ Arizona 350 XT printer plus the White Ink and Roll Media Options, users can print 
on nearly any rigid or flexible media of any color, up to two inches thick. Printing on the actual package 
substrate is possible using the Océ system.

The Océ Streamlined Workflow
The Océ Streamlined Workflow combines an Océ Arizona Series UV flatbed printer with the Océ ProCut 
cutter and sophisticated workflow software to manage cutting and nesting, plus the ONYX ProductionHouse 
RIP – a full ICC and Pantone®-certified RIP to process the graphics. The system addresses the very same 
issues in producing packaging prototypes as it does in the display graphics industry. The overall process is 
streamlined. Changes to the structural design and graphics can now be quickly realized on the final stock 
and with cost-effective press-proof quality results.

About the Océ Arizona 350 XT printer
The spectacularly large Océ Arizona 350 XT is a UV flatbed inkjet printer with near-photographic image quality 
and white ink support for printing on rigid or flexible media. The extra width of the Océ Arizona 350 XT printer 
enables it to be used in a continuous imaging mode for rigid media up to 49.2 by 98.4 inches, or a standard 
4- by 8-foot board. With the Roll Media Option installed, users can print onto flexible media up to 87 inches 
wide. The media roll can be unloaded at any time without interrupting rigid printing, and there is no down 
time to reconfigure the system to change from one print mode to the other. The available White Ink Option 
enables under-printing for non-white media or objects, over-printing for applications on transparent media 
and printing white as a spot color.

About the Océ ProCut System
The Océ ProCut system includes a range of Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables to automate cutting operations, 
Océ ProCut Software for preparing the cut data in a seamless workflow, and expert pre- and post-installation 
service and support. It can be used to optimize basic trimming tasks for rigid substrates such as hard and soft 
foam board, plastic material, acrylic and styrene, and flexible media including paper, film, vinyl and fabric. It 
can also be used to finish more complex jobs such as contour-cut point-of-purchase displays, 
production-quantity decals, and structural projects such as package prototyping.

 Member of the Paperboard Packaging Council
Océ North America is a member of the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) and is actively working with 
the association to inform associates of the new technologies that can be used to streamline the production 
of high quality packaging prototypes.

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