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Esko - 9/1/2009

EskoArtwork Displays Range of Digital Solutions to Finish POP, Sign and Display Jobs at SGIA Expo 2009

Specialty large format printed jobs aren't done until they are finished, and during SGIA Expo, October 7-9, 2009 
in New Orleans in booth 1931, EskoArtwork ( demonstrates cutting and finishing hardware and 
software tools to make shops more productive. Highlights will include demonstrations of the Kongsberg i-XE10 
and Kongsberg

i-XL24 tables with i-cut, the productive Kongsberg XP24 capable of operating 24/7, and SignUp Auto nesting 
and workflow optimization solution.

"EskoArtwork Kongsberg dieless cutting tables have long been the choice of sign and display companies that 
require finishing a wide range of materials and applications with outstanding speed and productivity options--
such as autofeed and take-up systems. Along with i-cut technology, Kongsberg tables make it easy to assure 
materials--even with unusual cuts--are finished accurately," explains Don Skenderian, EskoArtwork Vice President, 
Market Development CAD/CAM. "Our software solutions, built from our experience with structural graphics and 
packaging pre-press, has enabled us to develop an automatic nesting solution, SignUp Auto, that saves time 
and materials by making the most out of each piece of substrate. It makes Kongsberg tables--and digital printers--
even more efficient. It's something sign and display professionals wanting to improve their productivity and 
profitability should come and investigate with us at SGIA Expo."

Lights-out operation with SignUp Auto
SignUp Auto, a new product based on EskoArtwork´s SignUp technology, is a fully automated nesting and tiling 
solution for companies that wish to more completely operate their workflows in a nearly 'lights out' process. It 
allows sign and display companies to more efficiently utilize their range of different raw substrates, eliminate 
costly operator time in Adobe® Illustrator® or other desktop publishing packages, and provides the mechanism 
as a dedicated workflow tool to accept files from a digital storefront.

SignUp Auto is able to understand and process XML and JDF files as prepress input and its automation makes 
it ideal as a receiver of storefront input for Web-to-print. Along with nesting and tiling, SignUp Auto supports 
double-sided displays, multi-page PDF workflows, and can easily nest irregular shapes. In doing so, digital large 
format printing and finishing shops get faster production throughput with little manual intervention. It offers smart 
automation, allowing an operation to quickly accept more very short run jobs and deliver them to an increasing 
number of digital presses.

Kongsberg finishing tables with i-cut® vision
For short run digital display jobs, the time and expense of creating a die is just not economically feasible. At SGIA, 
visitors can see the Kongsberg i-XE10 in action, one of a new range of automated digital finishing systems 
offering a fast, productive solution for digital finishing of signs and displays. The Kongsberg i-XE10 cuts screen- 
or digitally-printed materials with exceptional productivity and quality, along with low production costs. The table 
can handle kiss and through cutting of vinyl, polycarbonate, polyester, polypropylene, carton and more, up to 
single wall corrugated material as large as 35.4" x 47.2". Those interested in finishing signs and large displays 
choose the Kongsberg i-XE10 table with small-lot production in mind, achieving a fully digital workflow that 
saves the cost and waiting time for a cutting die.

The Kongsberg i-XE10 tooling system features an integrated i-cut® camera, a key component of the patented 
i-cut® vision system for obtaining perfect cut-to-print alignment--a significant advantage over fixed diecutting. 
The i-cut® camera measures register marks on each printed piece placed on the Kongsberg i-XE10 table, for 
extremely accurate registration that compensates for local or overall distortion of the material, even handling 
non-linear distortions with ease.

The Kongsberg i-XL24 offers a unique finishing solution for the widest range of materials, providing automation, 
high productivity and outstanding precision. Based on the Kongsberg XL-Series of short-run production tables, 
the Kongsberg i-XL24 finishing table, with a maximum material size of 69" x 135", integrates the i-cut vision 
system. The Kongsberg i-XL24 can be delivered with an optional conveyor extension and scissor lift cart 
system, along with an AutoFeeder with scissor-lift table that expands the quantity of print runs that can be 
pre-stacked in a fully automatic operation. The Scissor lift on the cart, with the help of an electric hydraulic 
system, receives artwork directly from a digital printer off-load system and can be moved and raised to the 
Kongsberg sheet feeder to be immediately cut on the Kongsberg. The seamless workflow no longer requires 
an operator to restack or transfer materials.

Kongsberg finishing tables that get the job done
Kongsberg XP series digital cutting machines are the first specifically designed to operate continuously in a 
24/7-production environment. Positioned as true production machines, Kongsberg XP tables were developed 
for manufacturers of POP and permanent in-store product displays that need a fast and highly reliable solution 
for short run production. These companies will specifically benefit from the dramatically increased level of 
productivity and efficiency.

The Kongsberg XP24 (with a working area of 66"x126") has a maximum cutting speed of 66 inches per second. 
It has been designed to endure the continuous, high-speed manufacture of products made from the most 
demanding packaging and display materials. The Kongsberg XP24 can be used effectively to convert a wide 
range of display materials, including all grades of corrugated board, display carton, corrugated plastic, foam 
boards, and all corresponding rigid display materials such as MDF, plywood, acrylics, ACM and Forex®. The 
machines can be equipped with an optional automatic optical registration system to match structural design 
with graphic elements.

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