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Canon Solutions America - 8/6/2009

Océ Demonstrates Innovative Display Graphics Opportunities

Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, today announced an innovative 
demonstration of sustainable display graphics to be shown at Print 09 in Chicago. The combination of Océ 
Arizona? 350 XT wide format UV curable flatbed printer with rigid, lightweight Re-Board? substrate results in a 
sustainable, versatile solution for a wide variety of display graphics applications.

Made from 40 percent recycled paper using water-based adhesives, Re-Board substrate is 100 percent 
recyclable. The strong, durable substrate is based on a unique structure of corrugated cells and layers of 
special liners. Re-Board substrate has been used in Europe by major corporations to create strong, 
environmentally friendly furniture, retail and trade show displays, portable emergency housing, and many other 
unique applications.  Now Océ brings Re-Board capabilities to the United States as part of the Océ Imaging 
Supplies product portfolio. At Print 09, Océ will demonstrate these far-reaching possibilities when Océ wide 
format color printing systems are paired with sustainable Re-Board substrate.

"When a product comes to market which meets the criteria for the three-Rs (Reduce-ReUse-Recycle), the 
industry needs to sit up, take notice and embrace it. Re-Board meets all of these requirements. Combining this 
100 percent conventionally recyclable material with the Océ Arizona 350 XT UV curable flatbed printer and 
Océ ProCutTM digital cutting system creates a unique earth friendly solution that is both functional and cool," 
said Vic Nathan Barkin, President, Vic Barkin Consulting. "Re-Board is manufactured using energy efficient 
methods without the use of hazardous materials and is composed of 40 percent recycled material. These 
important attributes, together with the innovative and limitless design and configuration possibilities of finished 
products, create a valuable niche in the marketplace from which graphic arts providers and their customers can 
benefit." Océ continues to introduce innovative sustainable solutions that enable customers to expand their 
offerings and attract new business opportunities."

The Océ Arizona 350 XT UV curable flatbed printer, which can handle oversized, rigid materials up to 98.4" x 
120", can easily image on almost any rigid or flexible media used in the display graphics market in brilliant CMYK 
color plus White. With the addition of Re-Board substrate, the result is a wide variety of sustainable and variable 
applications to help graphic arts professions grow their businesses in new ways. After printing, the Océ ProCut 
automated cutting system finishes printed boards with 100 percent accuracy and minimal material waste. A new 
V-cut tool cuts angles for three-dimensional structures, and the consistently notched boards are then bent into 
their final shapes. Print 09 attendees can view the results of this process in Océ Booth 1863. To demonstrate 
the innovative, sustainable solution, components of the Océ booth structure - including furniture and display 
items - will be constructed out of Re-Board for in use throughout the show.  

With the Océ Arizona 350 XT color printer, any graphic design can be printed on Re-Board substrate, so 
applications are limited only by the user’s imagination. This in turn offers unlimited potential for print providers to 
grow their print business by providing new opportunities to help customers. The ability to offer versatile, out-of-
the-box services is especially important in a difficult economy. With the combination of the Océ Arizona 350 XT 
printer and Re-Board substrate, graphic arts providers can open up entire new markets for applications like 
lightweight promotional furniture or emergency housing after natural disasters. 

"When Océ innovation in sustainable business practices in print combines with recycled, flexible Re-Board 
substrate, the result is a sustainable solution for all kinds of new applications. Marketers and commercial printers 
can expand their client base and grow their revenue streams with affordable ‘green’ display graphics and other 
applications. This is a great opportunity for print providers in a variety of markets including packaging, screen 
printing, exhibit display, retail POP display, and printshops using flatbed printers," said JT Maier, Vice President, 
Océ Imaging Supplies, Océ North America Wide Format Printing Systems division.

More companies now prefer environmentally friendly materials and processes. Re-Board substrate is a “greener” 
replacement for wood, plastic, MDF and metal. Applications that have been created with PVC, Styrene and MDF 
can be replaced by a greener solution that offers cost benefits along with sustainability. Reduced use of raw 
materials in manufacturing recycled materials and reduced CO2 emissions throughout the product’s life cycle 
make Re-Board an unusually beneficial substrate. Its energy-efficient manufacturing process uses no harmful 
products. With Océ digital printing systems, users also avoid harmful emissions and waste associated with 
offset printing. Just-in-time digital printing eliminates the need to manage and discard unneeded inventory. 
Re-Board end-customers realize cost savings in transportation because Re-Board is much lighter than traditional 
materials. Re-Board’s lighter weight decreases CO2 emissions during transportation and reduces logistic costs. 
Users will also find the lightweight Re-Board substrate easier to handle than alternative materials.

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