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Cutcaster - 8/4/2009

Cutcaster’s Untapped Photo and Vector Collection

From their new headquarters in foggy San Francisco, Cutcaster is proud to introduce its much-ballyhooed “Betta 
than Vetta” (BTV) photo and vector collection to creative professionals today.  Take a sneak peak at ‘Betta than 
Vetta’ by going to

“Creative professionals deserve a better experience when searching for and purchasing content. What Cutcaster 
provides is better search, better results, better rights offering and all at better market prices,” Cutcaster founder 
John Griffin explained.  “We introduced ‘Betta than Vetta,’ our first premium collection, to highlight the amazing 
quality of work in our marketplace and show buyers how easy the website is to use.”

The best of the best included in the BTV photo and vector collection were handpicked by our highly-caffeinated 
reviewers and industry professionals for their uniqueness, execution and overall quality. The diverse collection 
will have graphic designers, creative professionals and photo buyers singing from the top of the closest mountain 

‘Betta than Vetta’, Irish for “mountaintop,” gives creative professionals looking for exceptional imagery a new 
and untapped source of photos and illustrations priced by the free market.  Inclusive of both exclusive and 
non-exclusive contributors, the BTV collection will expand over time. Contributors may also request a file be 
added to the collection but every file included must pass an intense inspection process and meet the collection’s 
strict acceptance criteria. "The Cutcaster flexible pricing model provides a unique and hard-data insight into the 
market value of stock photos,” Lee Torrens, a stock photography insider observed.  “Betta than Vetta is a 
welcome opportunity for all stock photography and illustrators to see our higher value images lifted to another 

Prices range from $1 for small sizes up to $35 USD for XXL. Sellers set the price for the BTV files. If a buyer 
wanted to name their price, they are always free to bid on any of the images if they have more time or are 
working with a smaller budget. 

“We haven’t even come close to hitting our peak yet but I’m excited by the growth of sales, which have been 
doubling every month and also by the number of great photographers we are fortunate enough to be working 
with and trust us to represent their work.  Our diverse collection is on the verge of breaking 400,000 royalty free 
images and illustrations and the ‘Betta than Vetta’ collection will be one more way we can promote our great 
library to buyers,” Griffin added.

In other news, Cutcaster announced that the increase in revenues has been re-invested into advertising and 
marketing and more customer service help, which continues to be an industry leader.  The number of Corporate 
Accounts and buyer sign-ups has been growing faster over the last 6 months because buyers like the flexible 
payment options, easy to use search and invoicing capabilities. Cutcaster released figures that buyers bid on 
content around 6% of the time and on average bid 40% less than the listed price for the largest file size.  The 
time it takes for a typical seller’s response to a proposed bid has averaged 81 minutes and buyers have 
accepted the final price 43% of the time. 

In addition, Cutcaster released new features that include scaled pricing for different file sizes so buyers now 
have a choice over what image size they want.  Also Cutcaster improved its search functionality and 
introduced a new suggestive search tool that shows buyers as they type in a keyword what other keyword 
options are available.

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