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Rose Displays, Ltd. - 7/20/2009

Rose Displays Introduces the Super Tile Divider

Rose Displays, Ltd., a leading provider of signware solutions to retailers worldwide, introduces the Super 
Tile Divider, a new option for displaying graphics on grid ceilings. 

The Super Tile Divider features a sturdy profile allowing it to cross multiple grids in the short direction or a 
single grid in the long direction.   The Super Tile Divider is available in 24” and 48” lengths, cut to size based 
on the type of grid ceiling being used.  

With its newly designed End Caps, included with each Divider, the Super Tile Divider can be used on 
standard, recessed, or mini grid.  Easy to install, the Super Tile Divider is attached to the ceiling by 
inserting the fin of the End Cap between the grid and the tile divider.

The Super Tile Divider provides a simple, cost-effective way to hang graphics from anywhere on 
grid ceilings. It is available in painted white aluminum with matching white end caps to complement 
most ceilings.

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