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INX International - 7/8/2009

New BIL UV inks from INX Digital International

INX Digital International Co. has introduced fast-curing BIL UV inks specifically designed for high-speed 
production on HP®/NUR XP5300™ printers, with superior performance on woven polyethylene (PE) media as 
well as vinyl and other substrates.

"This is the ink set the industry needs now," said Michael Armstrong, Enterprise Sales for INX Digital Americas.  
"The new Triangle brand BIL UV inks fit seamlessly into the faster runs needed to meet the demand for 30 and 
60-day, 30-sheet billboard postings.  They offer better adhesion to lighter, recyclable polyethylene (PE) media.  
Plus, they are faster curing than OEM ink options and more flexible, a major advantage in moving printed 
posters out to the marketplace."

The inks’ flexibility allows the lightweight 30-sheet recyclable PE posters to be folded down and shipped in small 
cartons without surface cracking.  "INX Digital specialists have been working with this recyclable media from its 
inception," Armstrong said.  "The BIL ink set, formulated VOC-free and available worldwide, is specifically
designed to adhere to and flex with woven polyethylene.  This gives it the same advantage when printed on 
other flexible media."

Armstrong said Triangle’s BIL acrylate-based UV curable inks are optimized for extremely high pigment density 
and wide color gamut.  They provide a higher chroma magenta and cleaner yellow, and are designed to work 
with HP/NUR XP5300 printer technology.  The run speeds and coverage with these inks are equal to, if not 
better than, OEM options
"With most operations running on tight margins, the potential cost savings of up to 25 percent or more with 
Triangle BIL inks can make a significant difference on the bottom line," Armstrong said.

Armstrong said users who have already converted to BIL inks report that printer jets stay open and jet more 
consistently, and the print heads require less maintenance.  

"When periodic print head cleaning is required, Triangle’s exclusive, patent-pending HeadCure™ cleaning 
technology typically achieves 100 percent recovery compared to half with other methods, and for a small 
fraction of the cost of new replacement heads."

As more shops alter their production flow to accommodate new media and methods, these are the ink systems 
and technologies that can make it easier as well as more profitable.

"When they are ready to evolve POP production to the next level, we have a new Triangle EXP ink set 
specifically designed to deliver high-quality output on HP/NUR XP5300s at slower speeds.  There are other 
advantages similar to those provided by BIL inks in billboard mode," Armstrong said, noting that contacting an 
INX Digital representative may lead to additional HP/NUR XP5300 user savings.  "Those who asked our 
representatives about sources for key components tell us they have found UV lamps, water pumps and other 
equipment for as much as 50 percent less."
Armstrong says that in today’s economy, everything adds up. 

"Better performance with BIL inks on recyclable PE means lighter weight, better-looking 30-sheets more quickly, 
easily and inexpensively printed and put up on boards.  With ink savings and machine maintenance savings at 
every step, shops can also realize a much-needed boost to the bottom line."

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