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Colortrac - 6/29/2009

Colortrac Provides 26 SmartLF Wide Format Scanning Systems for the Lebanese Parliamentary Elections 7th June 2009

In May 2009 Colortrac Ltd, the manufacturer of SmartLF large format scanners and universal copy stations, 
completed the sale of 26 SmartLF Ci 40m (monochrome) high resolution technical imaging scanners to the 
Lebanese Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Colortrac SmartLF scanners were supplied as part of an EU (European Union) initiative to assist in the 
processing of ballot papers cast in the Lebanese Parliamentary elections held on June 7th.  With over one and 
a half million votes cast, a critical requirement was for the scanning to be done in the shortest possible time. 
The SmartLF Ci 40 was chosen because of its 40? image width, high speed, ease of use and compatibility with 
the software applications used to count the votes.

Colortrac worked closely with its Lebanese distributor, the Beirut-based Digital Image Solutions (DIS), to provide 
the best solution for the customer requirement in terms of specification and performance, at an affordable price 
for the taxpayer.  Once it was confirmed that the SmartLF had won the tender, Colortrac staff worked round the 
clock to provide Digital Image Solutions with the 26 SmartLF Ci 40m large format scanners within the extremely 
tight delivery schedule.

"I wish I had had a camera with me to capture the expression on the face of the person in charge of the scanning 
section at the Ministry of Internal Affairs the first time the SmartLF Ci 40m scanners were tested. They were 
astonished by their scanning speed and image quality and how easy they are to operate" said Elie Saab, 
Managing Director of Digital Image Solutions.

"Despite the huge number of documents which needed to be processed in a very short time, we did not receive 
any technical support calls regarding any of the SmartLF scanners said Saab. "This demonstrates the reliability 
of Colortrac's products.  After the election, officials admitted to Digital Image Solutions that the problem-free 
implementation of Colortrac SmartLF scanners was one of the best projects ever to happen at the at the Ministry 
of Internal Affairs."

"Digital Image Solutions represent several international brands. The most efficient support we have ever 
experienced is that supplied by Colortrac's sales and service center.  We thank all at Colortrac, especially 
Peter Sandberg who was a key factor in this deal. Moreover, we thank Colortrac for their loyalty to us as their 
Lebanese distributor" said Saab.

Peter Sandberg, Colortrac's  Business Development Manager for EMEA, (Europe, Middle East, Africa), says "A 
wise person once told me "You cannot afford to ignore the small countries - they are too many." 

Colortrac have consistently over a  long time endeavoured to offer as good service and support to its distributors 
in small countries as to those in large ones. The result is that Colortrac have a very strong base of dedicated 
distributors in very many countries."

"In Lebanon, I worked closely with Elie Saab at Digital Image Solutions to provide him with whatever he 
needed through the whole sales process, to bring his bid to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to a successful 
conclusion. One of Colortrac's strengths is the dedication of our distribution partners. Their strength is built in 
part on the support we offer in return.  In looking to expand, Colortrac wants to find distributors that we can 
work successfully with in a similar way."

The SmartLF Ci 40 is Colortrac's latest CIS (contact image sensor) technology scanner. It is designed for high 
speed scanning of wide format technical drawings, maps and office documents at high resolution.  Its unique 
front-feed, front exit paper handling gives users the easiest and most direct control over document collection of 
all large format scanners. The speed and simplicity of the SmartLF Ci 40 makes it ideal for one-off walk-up scans 
as well as high volume production scanning.

While aimed primarily at AEC, CAD and GIS users scanning technical drawings and maps for archiving, file 
distribution and copying, the SmartLF Ci 40's use in the Lebanese elections demonstrates just how practical 
and flexible a wide format document scanner it is. It speed greatly enhanced the Ministry of Internal Affairs 
ability to process the1.6million voting forms in the shortest time allowed.

"We are very proud to have played a role, however small, in the democratic process of the Lebanon and we 
wish all the people there a peaceful and successful future" said Peter de Winter-Brown, Sales & Marketing 
Director Colortrac Ltd.

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