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INX International - 6/29/2009

INX International Earns Rexam BCE Award

INX International Ink Company recently was the recipient of the Rexam BCE Award for excellence in innovation.  
INX International received the honor for its work on the new ink system for the Fusion bottle can project, which 
Rexam is in the process of rolling out this year.  Rexam is the world’s second largest consumer packaging group 
and the world’s leading beverage can maker, producing 55 billion cans per year primarily for the U.S., European 
and South American markets.

The Fusion project was the continuation of a great working relationship between the world’s leading and most 
innovative beverage can maker and its most innovative ink supplier INX,” said Els Michiels, Purchasing Manager
 - Supply Chain for Rexam BCE.   

"In today’s competitive world, it’s all about adding brand value and differentiation," added John Reeves, 
Rexam’s Marketing Director.  "Customers want to customize the bottle to suit their needs, whether it is the type 
of closure, the shape or the serving size.  Fusion offers it in abundance with a full spectrum of ink and varnish 
finishes and debossing, and the design possibilities are endless."

INX worked with Rexam to reformulate a system to be compatible with a specific overprint varnish on the 
lightweight and cost-effective 330 ml bottles.  In conjunction with Klaas Moser, Rexam BCE’s Ink & Coating 
Specialist, the Charlotte facility of INX International and the INX manufacturing site in Rochdale, England, 
worked with Alex Folloso and his team of chemists at the R & D department in West Chicago, Illinois, to 
optimize the rheology of the whole system in a matter of days.  After making the bases in Rochdale and 
Charlotte and shipping them to Rexam, Tim Sullivan and John Shireman of INX helped match and blend the 
correct colors on site.

"This was a true demonstration of teamwork," said Jonathan Ellaby, INX VP of International Operations.  "Our 
guys did a tremendous job of pulling everything together and helping Rexam produce good cans in less than 
two weeks.  Their tireless efforts helped make this process a win-win situation for both parties, and they are 
most deserving of this award."

The cans were manufactured at Rexam’s Beverage Technology Center in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.  Rexam 
operates 16 facilities in the U.S. and another 35 in other parts of the world.

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