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Artgrafix - 6/24/2009

Artgrafix Introduces Accent Mount Boards

Artgrafix has introduced Accent Mount Boards - Self-stick boards framed with laminate edged sides.  The 
laminate edges are available in black, white, blue and red.  Accent Mount Boards are available on foam and 
Gator® boards.  

Edged boards are a lower cost alternative to framing and edging all sides gives a professional finished look 
many people require.  Not only does it enhance the look of a mounted print, but edging also protects the board 
from handling and shipping damage.   They are lightweight, shatterproof and ideal for a variety of displays from 
tradeshows and commercial needs to the display of keepsakes.
Artgrafix has sized these boards for photographs and common print sizes up to 40"x60".  Commenting on these 
boards, Jeff Stover stated, "we have a number of people who need a ready to display mount board and until 
now had to frame their boards in a separate process.  And that tends to be an expensive process and may require 
additional equipment."  Stover added "these boards are a great solution for those who have to display their prints 
and need a more professional look than the unfinished side of a foam or paper board. Plus the rugged laminate 
edge also keeps the edges and mounts looking new."

Accent Mount Boards are part of Artgrafix’ Custom Board program.  Boards can be edged in sizes  to 48"x96" 
and in board thicknesses from 3/16" to 1.5".  Artgrafix also offers heat activated adhesive edged boards as 
well as boards without adhesive for direct printing.
Printers can get a sample of the Accent Edge mount boards by contacting Artgrafix at 800.443.4421.  For 
more information on this and other new products, visit Artgrafix at

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